Fearing arrest, the man climbed the tree, the police stood down and waited for hours

गिरफ्तारी के डर से पेड़ पर जा चढ़ा शख्स, पुलिस नीचे खड़ी घंटों तक करती रही इंतजार

The man climbing the tree kept shouting repeatedly, insisting not to come down

A person commits a crime, but when the police comes after him, then he comes to know the value of lentil flour. To hide from the police, a clever man tries every trick. But sometimes some people after committing a crime hide in such a place, about which they will laugh only after hearing it. In America, a man was accused of beating his girlfriend and threatening his mother. But when the police reached to catch him, the man climbed a tree and sat down. Even after making lakhs of efforts, he was not ready to get down from the tree.

According to a report, even after more than 24 hours, the man continued to climb the tree. During this, the policemen standing under the tree kept requesting him to get down. The man who climbed the tree, insisting not to come down, kept shouting – “Now the world is watching”. This case is from New York City, where the police reached the house of a 44-year-old man to nab a 44-year-old man after he was accused of threatening his mother. The police had received a complaint that he had also assaulted his 50-year-old girlfriend a week ago.

As soon as the police reached the house, the person climbed on the roof of his house. From here again he climbed on a tree about 30 feet tall from the roof. As he climbed the tree, he started screaming loudly. The accused person kept climbing the tree. However, during this all efforts by the police to take him down failed. The police had reached to nab him on Wednesday. The accused does not seem to be in a mood to come down as he does not trust the police. Simultaneously, the neighbor claimed that he was mistreated by the police when he went to jail for two years. Many people are suspecting that perhaps the accused is afraid of the police.

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