Farmers’ income will increase due to crop diversification and value addition: Prof. Kamboj

फसलों के विविधीकरण एवं मूल्य संवर्धन से बढ़ेगी किसानों की आमदनी: प्रो. कांबोज

There is less outbreak of diseases in cotton crop this year, farmers should take special care of the recommendations made regarding pesticides.

Vice Chancellor Professor BR Kamboj and others addressing the farmers.

Farmers will have to adopt crop diversification and value addition to increase their income. For this, farmers can contact Haryana Agricultural University (HAU) to get value addition training. This information was given by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. BR Kamboj gave in a Kisan Goshthi. He said that the university is always ready to serve the farmers. Farmers should join the university and get information about modern techniques and improved varieties.

Also, by getting the training given here, you can do value addition to your products. You can increase your income. For this, the university continuously provides such training for the benefit of the farmers. Apart from this, by establishing self-employment, you can become a source of inspiration for others. Youth and farmers can bring change in the society by finding opportunities in challenges.

Crop diversification is the need of the hour

State and central government are implementing new welfare schemes for the benefit of farmers. So that farmers can get maximum benefit. Therefore, farmers also have to pay attention to integrated farming to get more production from their crops. Adoption of crop diversification is the need of the hour. This will not only increase the income but will also protect the environment.

Less outbreak of diseases in cotton crop

This time the teams of scientists of the university are constantly visiting the farmers’ fields and making the farmers aware about the solutions to the problems of cotton and other crops. This is the reason that the incidence of diseases is less in the cotton crop as in the previous years. After the seminar, crops were reviewed in different villages and the team of scientists told the solution on the spot for the related problems.

Keep in mind the recommendations made on pesticides

Director of Extension Education Dr. Ramniwas Dhanda called upon the agricultural scientists to work with the farmers to solve their problems from time to time. Director of Research Dr. SK Sehrawat said that farmers should take special care of the advice given by agricultural scientists from time to time and recommendations made regarding pesticides.

In the seminar, Dr. Anil Yadav, Dr. Omendra Sangwan, Dr. Karmal Malik, Dr. Anil Jakhar and Dr. Manmohan Singh made aware about the procedures, diseases and pests to be adopted to achieve high yield of cotton crop. gave his lectures. Farmers from many villages of the area, including Dr. Umesh Sharma, Dr. Murari Lal and Dr. Gulab, senior convener of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, participated in the program.

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