Farmers can earn well by cultivating bottle gourd, how much is its area in Maharashtra?

लौकी की खेती करके भी अच्छी कमाई कर सकते हैं किसान, महाराष्ट्र में कितना है इसका क्षेत्र?

Vertical Gourd Farming (Photo-Om Prakash)

Gourd pumpkin is such a crop, which can be cultivated thrice in a year. It is not only very good for the health of the eaters, but it also becomes the economic health of the growers. Farmers can earn well by doing bottle gourd farming in all three seasons Rabi, Kharif and Zayed. Hot and humid geographical areas are best for good production of bottle gourd. In Maharashtra, this crop is cultivated in an average area of ​​566 hectares.

Farmers should take the advice of agricultural scientists and do farming. Gourd crop is such in which the farmer can earn up to one lakh rupees in one hectare. It can be cultivated in different types of soil. But light loamy soil containing fossils with proper water holding capacity is considered best for its successful cultivation. It can also be cultivated in some acidic soil. First plowing should be done with soil turning plow, then harrow or cultivar should be run 2‒3 times.

which farming is more profitable

Plow the field vertically and horizontally and break the knot. Then apply 30 to 35 carts of well rotted manure per hectare. Farmers can earn good profit from vertical cultivation of gourd. Because in this the fruits are clean and big. Traditional methods have to be changed to make good profit.

It is also beneficial to plant gourd crop on Mandwa. Therefore, it should be planted on Mandwa made with the help of bamboo because the vines grow with proper support. Due to the low growth of the vines in the summer season, they can survive even if left on the ground. Weeds should be removed as soon as weeds appear in the crop.

sowing time

January to March for summer crop

June to July for rainy season crop

Gourd varieties

Pusa Summer Prolly Fic Log: Fruits of this variety are 40 to 50 cm long and 20 to 25 cm thick. The color of the fruit is yellowish green. The yield of this variety is 110 to 120 quintals per hectare.

Pusa Summer Prolific Round: Fruits of this variety are 15 to 20 cm thick green round shape. This variety is good for summer season and gives 90 to 100 quintal yield per hectare.

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