Farmers can earn good profits from the cultivation of coriander, know the A to Z information of its cultivation

धनिया की खेती से किसान कमा सकते हैं बढ़िया मुनाफा, जानिए इसकी खेती की A to Z जानकारी

Coriander Farming

Coriander is such a crop that farmers can earn good profits by selling both raw and solid form. The taste of Indian spice remains incomplete without its seeds. Coriander is in demand all over the country. It is cultivated more in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka.

So let’s know how coriander is cultivated. What should be the soil for this and what are its improved varieties. A To Z information about coriander cultivation.

Crop production

  • Crop Geometry: Row to row distance is 25 to 30 cms. And the plant to plant distance is 10 cm.
  • Manures and Fertilizers: 8-10 ton per hectare decomposed cow dung or compost should be mixed well in the field one month before sowing. 40-60 kg nitrogen, 30 kg phosphate and 20 kg potash. Half quantity of Nitrogen and full quantity of Phosphorus and Potash should be mixed well in the field at the time of last plowing and remaining quantity should be given with irrigation after 30 and 60 days of sowing.
  • Irrigation: 3 to 4 irrigations, first irrigation should be done 30-35 days after sowing, second after 60-65 days and third irrigation after 80-85 days. To save 25-30 percent water, drip irrigation system should be used.
  • weed control: Spraying of Oxidiargyl at the rate of 75 g per hectare should be done after sowing and before seed germination, followed by hoeing after 45 days of sowing.
  • Production: 18-20 quintal per hectare in irrigated farming and 6 to 8 quintal per hectare in rainfed farming.

crop protection

Shadow Disease: 20 to 25 kg of sulfur powder should be sprinkled on the standing crop or 0.2 percent soaking sulfur or 0.1 percent Dinocap should be sprayed.

Burn disease: Spraying of Prapiconazole fungicide 0.1 percent or Carbendazim 0.1 percent solution should be done at an interval of 12-15 days even before the onset of the disease.

Raised disease: Proper crop rotation method should be adopted and to prevent this disease, seed should be treated with Bavistin/Thyram 1.5 g/kg seed before sowing.

Mahu or Aphid: Spraying of Dimethoate 0.03 per cent and Imdachlorfide 0.003 per cent should be done.


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