Farmer organizations said the decision to fix the purchase limit on the basis of per acre was unfair, said- will protest

Haryana: मंडियों में भीग रहा लाखों का धान, खरीद में देरी से किसानों में आक्रोश, आज सांसद-विधायकों और CM आवास का करेंगे घेराव

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After three agricultural laws, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme and land record integration, farmers of Punjab have now made up their mind to oppose another decision of the government. In fact, the farmers have told the decision to fix the proposed limit of procurement on the basis of per acre. He says that this decision of the government will hinder the central and state agencies to fully procure the produce, as there is a matter of fixing a limit.

BKU Dakonda and BKU Kadian said that the Center had “advised state governments to fix a marketing limit of 34 quintals per acre of paddy and ask farmers to submit land records,” The Tribune reported. BKU Dakonda general secretary Jagmohan Singh Patiala said it was unfair and now they will fight against it.

What will be the effect? think of it like this

What will be the effect of this decision of the government, let us understand it in this way. Suppose you have 5 acres of cultivable land. If the yield is 200 quintals, then the government will buy only 170 quintals by adding 34 quintals per acre. The farmers will be forced to sell the remaining produce to the traders. The farmers of Punjab are ready to fight against this proposed procurement limit.

BKU Kadian President Harmeet Singh Kadian said that paddy is not an indigenous crop of Punjab. Its cultivation started in Punjab during the time of Green Revolution and hence it is a cash crop for the farmers of Punjab. It completely depends on the farmers to maximize their production and hence they are entitled to sell their total produce.

‘Government’s decision unfair’

He said that on one hand the government claims that every grain of farmers will be bought at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) and on the other hand such rules and regulations are being made. This is not in the interest of the farmers.

Patiala said that in a state like Punjab, the per capita holding was small. Most of the farmers were marginal or tenant farmers and the government did not include the input costs in fixing the support price. Due to this the farmers had no option but to produce maximum. But the decisions being taken by the government now are unfair.

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