Exclusive: IAS Topper Shubham Kumar told from Tv9 Bharatvarsh – Bihar has a rich history, we are proud to be Bihari

Exclusive : Tv9 भारतवर्ष से बोले IAS टॉपर शुभम कुमार-बिहार का है समृद्ध इतिहास, हमें बिहारी होने पर गर्व है

IAS Topper’s exclusive interview with tv9

UPSC topper Shubham Kumar said in a conversation with tv9 Bharatvarsh Digital that he is proud to be a Bihari. He said that Bihar has a rich history which gives us opportunities to be proud.

Alok Ranjan Singh

Shubham Kumar, a resident of Katihar, Bihar (IAS Topper SHUBHAM KUMAR) Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has secured the top rank in the Civil Services Examination 2020. Shubham is a resident of Kumhari village of Kadwa block of Katihar district. After completing Vidya Vihar School in Purnea from Kadwa and later IIT, he prepared for IAS in Pune. His father Devanand Singh is a branch manager in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank in Purnia.

Last year too, Shubham had passed the civil services examination but got 290 rank. He was not satisfied with this and by appearing in the re-examination, securing the highest position, has illuminated the name of Bihar in the country. Shubham had a special conversation with tv9. In which cadre he wants to go, what will be his priorities as an IAS. He spoke openly on all the subjects including his hobby and marriage, how much he had to struggle for success.

Bihar cadre my first priority

Shubham told that Bihar cadre is his first priority “I have chosen Bihar as my first choice. I want to work for the area from which I have come. The thought behind joining the civil services was that I would work for rural development. If I get Bihar cadre, I will consider myself lucky. Along with this, I have made IAS my first priority. I would like to work for Indian Administrative Service. And whatever work I get for this service, I will do it with full energy.”

Blueprint for the development of Seemanchal region

On the other hand, in response to the question of how the Seemanchal region should be developed, Shubham Kumar said that “I am a resident of a district of Seemanchal region of Bihar. When I look at my district, the problem of flood is the biggest problem here, it is in the entire Seemanchal region. I would like to work for how to solve the problem of flood. Since my civil engineering bank is ground. With the help of my engineering bankgroud, I can work to overcome the problem of floods, so that the loss of life and property is less. The second thing I would like to do is to make people financially strong. I want people’s income to increase. Since this area is very favorable for agriculture. There is a good yield of jute and corn here. Now the need is here for the industry for its processing. So that due to the value addition, the farmers can get the right price. The third is that by forming a group of farmers and people here, their produce can be given the right price. This will improve the standard of living of the people. Along with this, I would also like to work for education and health to reach people’s homes.

Bihar’s growth rate commendable

The biggest missionaries for development are bureaucrats i.e. civil servants. Bihar, from where maximum number of students pass this examination, yet Bihar is not able to make the expected development. On this question, he said that the growth rate of Bihar is in double digits. This is way above the average of the national growth rate. But still people have to be made aware. They have to tell their rights. Because making people aware is also very important for development. When they know about their rights, then only they will be able to understand from where they can take a loan. You can increase your business. Meaning a hand version, which is supported, if people get it from any MSME or enterprise, then the whole area will be able to develop.

Political Leadership and Development of Bihar

On the question whether there is the right political leadership in Bihar, Shubham Kumar said that if I look at the last few years, I feel that yes the schemes are reaching the people, I cannot tell you completely how and what is it now. But I believe that Bihar is developing. But it still needs to accelerate.

Howard and IS topper are proud moments for Bihar

Recently, Sharad Sagar, a Bihari student in the famous Harvard University of America, becoming the student union president and then becoming your All India topper in UPSC, is this a big proud moment for Bihar? On this topper Shubham Kumar said that I believe that the youth of Bihar are very talented, they are motivational. are energetic. They want to work in different fields. Want to reach new heights. There have been more changes in them than before, they are serious about their goal, I hope it will get more encouragement in the future. I hope that the youth of Bihar will get success in whatever goals they have scored.

inferiority complex

At the same time, sometimes inferiority and hesitation are also seen in the youth of Bihar, on which he said that “I would like to say that whatever the state is, they have something unique of their own, they have some existence. Our language is different. Our food may be different, but it should not give a feeling of inferiority, we should be proud that our history is very rich. We have an ancient history, in which we had colleges like Vikramshila and Nalanda here. Magadha from where Chanakya and Maurya came out. We should not have feelings of inferiority at all, rather, we should feel proud that we are born in the soil of Bihar.

Ever thought it wouldn’t happen?

Have you ever felt that we would not be able to? On this, he said that the preparation of UPSC is quite a struggle. Many times it seems that you will not be able to pass this exam. You will not be able to achieve this target. But I would consider myself very fortunate that my family members supported me a lot. When I used to down fill, my father used to motivate me a lot. Because of this I was able to get out of it. I used to keep in touch with my family. He was in touch with his friends. He used to keep distance from all the negative people who live. Also, I am not on any social media platform. This is the reason why I was able to prepare well.

On the question of marriage!

When to get married and what kind of life partner? On this question, he got a little shy and said that till now I have not thought anything about it. I am only 24 years old now. Whatever happens about this, the family members will think.

How will you work as a collector?

Whichever district I go to as a collector, what is the problem in the first place? I will know what is the demand there and then I would like to work accordingly. Like if I speak broadly, there is a social empowerment, economic empowerment and political empowerment. I will tell socially people their rights and the schemes related to them, I will work to increase their income.

Mantra for success?

In response to what tips he would like to give to the students preparing for UPSC, he said, “I would like to say that wherever you are from. Wherever you are preparing. Just keep trying. Keep trying. Read with your heart. Sources for preparation are now available online as well. Have faith in yourself and study hard, you will definitely get success like me.

School Contribution?

My school has contributed a lot in making me, in shaping me. This is where my success started, you can say that my base has been built here. I am still in touch with the teachers of my school.

What are hobbies?

I like to play table tennis, volleyball, football. Apart from this, I have interest in photography and film making. I love traveling and trekking, whenever I get a chance I go out on trekking.

The relationship between the bureaucrat and the media?

Media plays a very important role for the society, for awareness, media acts as a bridge between the common people and the government. While on the one hand it transmits information about the policies of the government to the people, on the other hand it also serves to convey the opinion of the people to the government. Media is very important for our society.

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