Energy Exchange is profiteering from the coal crisis! UP Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma wrote a letter to the Center for investigation

आखिर ऐसा क्या हो गया कि देश में बिजली संकट आ गया! समझिए किस वजह से बन रहे हैं ये हालात...

Due to the shortage of coal in the country, the power crisis is deepening.

Uttar Pradesh Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma has asked Union Power Minister R.K. Of. A letter has been written to Singh. In a letter written on Thursday, Sharma has attached a letter from Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Consumer Council President Awadhesh Kumar Verma, saying that in this letter to end profiteering of Indian Energy Exchange and not to sell expensive electricity on Power Exchange, for this A request has been made to fix the maximum limit on the sale rate of electricity.

In the letter, the Minister has urged the Union Power Minister to take necessary action in this matter at the earliest in view of the public interest. State Electricity Consumer Council President Awadhesh Verma said that due to the coal crisis in the country, there has been a decline in power generation. In such a situation, the state governments are buying power from the Indian Energy Exchange. But on this platform companies are selling electricity at arbitrary rates. The situation is that electricity costing less than Rs 6 per unit is being sold up to Rs 20 per unit.

Earned 840 crores in three days by selling electricity at arbitrary prices

Verma said that in this regard, he met State Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma on Thursday and submitted a proposal, in which it has been alleged that private companies sold electricity at arbitrary rates across the country within three days through the Indian Energy Exchange. Has earned a profit of Rs. In Uttar Pradesh alone, companies have earned a profit of more than Rs 80 crore during this period. It is an opportunity seeker in a disaster. The government should fix a reasonable limit on the maximum selling rate to check this profiteering.

He demanded from the state government that electricity comes under essential service, in which profiteering is not justified. The law of the Center is that no person trading electricity can earn more than four paise per unit, but profiteering is at its peak in the Indian Energy Exchange.

Significantly, due to the coal crisis across the country, there has been a massive decline in power generation. According to official figures, there has been a decline of 800 MW in Uttar Pradesh alone. To meet this shortfall, the state government is buying electricity of about 50 crores daily through energy exchange.

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