Electricity Rate: 14 lakh farmers here are getting electricity at the rate of 90 paise per unit.

Electricity Rate: यहां के 14 लाख किसानों को 90 पैसे प्रति यूनिट के रेट पर मिल रही बिजली

The Energy Minister of Rajasthan has given complete information about the agricultural connections of electricity, their prices and its inflation. Where the government is bearing the burden of increasing the price.

Farmers are getting very cheap electricity in Rajasthan. (symbolic photo)

Rajasthan’s Energy Minister Dr. BD Kalla told in the assembly that his government is providing electricity to the farmers at the rate of 90 paise per unit. There are 14 lakh farmers consumers of cheap electricity. He said that when Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister for the first time, he had announced that the price of agricultural electricity would not increase. We have been giving 90 paise per unit of electricity to farmers since then. The government had announced that the government itself would bear the burden of increasing the electricity rates of farmers for 5 years.

The state government is bearing the burden of increased electricity rates for farmers by the Electricity Regulatory Commission on 6 February 2020. Along with this, subsidy is being given in tariff for BPL consumers and small domestic consumers. The state government is also bearing the burden of increasing the fixed charges for small domestic consumers. In this way, 76 lakh consumers including 20 lakh BPL, 42 lakh small domestic consumers and 14 lakh farmers are not affected by the increase in electricity rates.

How many agriculture connections given

The Energy Minister said that during the previous government, 2 lakh 68 thousand 522 agriculture connections were given in 5 years. Whereas we have given 2 lakh 19 thousand 779 agriculture connections in two and a half years. According to the budget announcement, there is a target of giving 50 thousand agriculture connections in the state in the current financial year. Till September 12, out of this 33,240 agriculture connections have been issued.

Why is electricity getting expensive

Dr. BD Kalla informed that from the year 2014 to 2021, there has been an increase of 50 percent in the price of coal and freight of Indian Railways. There is no GST in the power sector, but compensation cess has been levied on coal at the rate of Rs 400 per tonne. This cess is payable only when a state brings coal from another state. In the year 2014, the price of coal was around Rs 2000 per tonne which has increased to around 3700 per tonne in 2021.

The Energy Minister said that despite the high power tariff by the state government, as much power as possible was purchased from the exchange. So that sufficient electricity can be made available to the farmers of the state. So that their crop is not spoiled.

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