Electricity crisis due to shortage of coal, will the lights go off from city to village – know how the situation is?

'बिजली का कम से कम इस्तेमाल करें, 'ब्लैक आउट' बहुत गंभीर टर्म'- बोले पूर्व ऊर्जा सचिव अनिल राजदान

power crisis. (signal picture)

Due to the shortage of coal which is called Black Diamond, clouds of crisis are hovering over the whole country at this time. It is believed that the power crisis has started due to the shortage of coal, which will become more serious in the coming times. Today we have done a great investigation on this subject from all over the country. Today we will explain this whole concern of your Diwali being black. First of all worry about the power crisis looming over the country, whose sound is getting louder. The fear of black out is increasing and the question is arising whether this time the country will not be immersed in darkness on Diwali, the festival of lights.

We are warning you of the crisis that is standing at our doorstep and at your doorstep. Why are we saying this? What is the reason behind this. This question must be in your mind, then know that the reason behind this crisis is the shortage of coal called black diamond, due to which the production of electricity is decreasing.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with Energy Minister RK Singh on this issue today. Coal Minister Prahlad Joshi was also in the meeting with the Energy Minister. Officials of NTPC, Power and Coal Ministries also attended the meeting, in which discussions were held to deal with the current situation of coal and power crisis. However, the central government is repeatedly saying that the country has enough coal reserves to meet the demand for power plants. According to the set standards, thermal power plants keep coal stock for at least 20 days, but at present, there is no coal in many thermal power plants of the country and where it is, there is also a maximum of 8 days. That’s why there is talk of the threat of black out looming.

Power crisis in India!

Will there be a shortage of electricity for the next 6 months, will this Diwali be black due to ‘black out’, the energy crisis is heavy, what was not prepared earlier, these questions and apprehensions are because it is possible that in a few days the country will see itself. See if such darkness prevails. From the city to the village, the lights should go off. Factories shut down. May your house be plunged into darkness. Fridge, AC, fan, TV, mobile should all be turned off. Put brakes on the speed of electric trains and metro. Our motive behind expressing these apprehensions is not to scare you, but to warn you, of the crisis that is standing at our doorstep.

The reason for the country coming to the cusp of this crisis is the shortage of coal, due to which the power plants of the country are on the verge of closure. There are 135 coal power plants in the country. Due to which 70% of the electricity demand in the country is fulfilled and only 4 days of coal is left in these power plants. Out of these, there are 16 power plants in which the stock of coal has been exhausted, due to which the power generation has come to a standstill or has been greatly reduced in many places and the effect of this shortage is also visible rapidly. Without the electricity that life seems incomplete, it has disappeared, so imagine what will happen then.

‘Most plants in Delhi have only 1-2 days of coal left’

According to the Delhi government, only 1-2 days of coal is left in most of the plants. This means that there is a danger of light failure in Delhi and on hearing this, the tension of Delhiites has increased. People are upset. There are panic, but the politics between the governments regarding electricity is also going on. There is a shortage of coal, it cannot be denied, but due to this the power supply has not been affected in Delhi so far, this is also true. But the fear is about the coming days. Because the side effects of the coal crisis have started appearing in other states.

Due to the impact on the supply of coal, there has been a reduction in the production of electricity in Uttar Pradesh by 7478 MW, due to which the reduction has started in rural areas as well as in urban areas. There is a reduction of up to 7 hours in many districts. On one hand the common people are facing problems, on the other hand the work of factories has also stopped. In many industries, both electricity and coal work, but due to the lack of both electricity and coal, losses and problems have started increasing.

Now the question is, how and why is the shortage of coal suddenly coming to the fore, so to understand this, first you have to look at some figures of electricity demand in the country. On October 4 last year, the demand for electricity in the country was 159 GW. Which increased by 15 GW this year to 174 GW, but why has the demand for electricity increased so much? And what is its connection with the shortage of coal, now understand that too.

Actually, economic activities have gained momentum after the restrictions imposed due to the second wave of Corona were removed. The companies which were closed due to the lockdown are now running indiscriminately. The production of companies has increased. Therefore, the consumption of coal in factories has increased tremendously. The second reason is that due to the high cost of coal abroad, there is a decrease in imports. Hence the dependence on domestic coal production has increased. Already, about three-fourth of the country’s coal requirement is met from domestic mines, but due to heavy rains in the monsoon, the supply was badly affected.

Thermal power plants of Punjab are also struggling due to shortage of coal

The only side effect of the shortfall in the supply of coal is the sound of power crisis, due to which people in many states of the country have started getting restless due to power cuts in hundreds of cities and villages. On the one hand, the festival of lights is approaching, and on the other hand, the fear of darkness covering the country is also increasing. The thermal power plants of Punjab are also grappling with the shortage of coal. Only 1 to 4 days of coal is left with the government and private thermal plants of Punjab. For thermal plants of Punjab, 22 rakes of coal are required daily which is not available.

The situation is expected to improve, but the current situation is raising concerns as the power cut will continue in Punjab for three hours a day till October 13. Due to shortage of coal, coal power plants are operating at less than 50 percent of their capacity.

Due to the shortage of coal, the power crisis in Maharashtra also seems to be deepening. 13 thermal power plants have to be closed in Maharashtra. Due to this there is a shortage of 3330 MW of electricity. Maharashtra requires about 1.5 lakh metric tonnes of coal every day, but in the current situation only 75 thousand metric tonnes of coal is being supplied, which is affecting power generation badly.

Due to the nationwide coal crisis, a big problem of electricity has also arisen in Bihar. These days load shedding is happening for 7 to 9 hours in rural areas of Bihar. Bihar is getting only 3200 MW power from NTPC instead of 4500 MW, due to which common people and businessmen are all upset in many areas of Bihar. The impact of the nationwide coal crisis is now being seen in Jharkhand, the largest coal mining state. There is also a shortage of electricity here.

There is a demand for megawatts of electricity. The power supply is only 1098 MW. The effect of this power shortage is being seen in all the districts including Ranchi. In Madhya Pradesh also, the power crisis can increase the trouble in the coming days. The demand for electricity in the state has reached 10,000 MW, while only 3900 MW is being produced. On one hand there is a shortage of coal, on the other hand the same coal is being wasted in electricity generation.

88 thousand metric tonnes of additional coal burnt in power plants of Madhya Pradesh

88 thousand metric tonnes of additional coal was burnt in the power plants of Madhya Pradesh. It takes 620 grams of coal to produce one unit of electricity, but in Madhya Pradesh, more than that i.e. 768 grams of coal was used, due to which coal worth Rs 30 crore was wasted from October 1 to 9. On the one hand, there is a power crisis, for this the shortage of coal is responsible, but on the other hand, the wastage of electricity is also a big reason.

Talking about the whole world, 6% to 8% of electricity is wasted, but in our country about 20% of electricity is wasted, so it is necessary to stop the wastage of electricity, so that the increased demand for electricity can be met. So along with this it is also necessary that the dependence on coal for electricity generation will also have to be reduced. 60% of the electricity in the country is generated from thermal power plants. 12% of electricity is generated in hydro projects. Wind, solar and other renewable energy sources generate 26%, nuclear sources generate 2 percent of the electricity.

It is clear that we need to do more work on other sources of energy, but this will not happen in a day or two. It will take time for this. With solid planning and intentions, the government will have to move forward to reduce dependence on coal. Meanwhile, the good news is that according to the Central Coalfield Limited, the situation is expected to stabilize in the next one or two weeks.

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