Early cultivation of mustard: Sow these varieties, you can get up to 20 quintals per hectare

सरसों की खेती से इस बार किसानों को मिलेगा बंपर कमाई का मौका! जानिए इससे जुड़ी सभी जरूरी बातें

mustard cultivation

Enthused by getting good price this year, farmers are planning to cultivate mustard in more area. In some parts of the country, early farmers have either done or are sowing mustard. But due to incessant rains in some parts, the early cultivation of mustard has been delayed. If you are also going to grow mustard early, then we are telling you about some varieties, from which you can get maximum yield.

According to Dr. Naveen Singh, an agricultural expert of the Institute of Genetics of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Delhi, farmers can get maximum profit by early cultivation of mustard and their field will be empty on time. With this, they will be able to get three yields instead of two in a season by cultivating vegetables. He said that some such improved varieties have been developed, from which farmers can get yield up to 20 quintals in one hectare.

Ready to ripen soon and get more production

Agricultural scientist Dr. Naveen Singh says that farmers can earn profits by planting good varieties of Indian mustard, which are ready to be ripened in a short time. Pusa has developed some varieties, which mature sooner and yield more.

Dr Singh said that Pusa leading variety matures in 10 days and gives 13.5 quintal yield in one hectare. Apart from this, early cultivation of Pusa Tarak and Pusa Mehak varieties can be done. Both these varieties mature in about 110-115 days and give an average yield of 15-20 quintals per hectare.

The early crop of mustard is saved from the wrath of the pest

Apart from this, a variety named Pusa Sarson- 25 gets ready in 100 days. By sowing Pusa mustard- 25 in one hectare, 14.5 quintal yield can be obtained. Apart from this, there is another variety, Pusa Mustard – 27. It takes 110-115 days to mature and yields up to 15.5 quintals per hectare.

According to Pusa scientist, the latest variety is Pusa Sarson-28. It matures in 105-110 days and yields 18-20 quintals per hectare. Dr Naveen Singh said that all these varieties can be sown around 15th September and they are harvested by the first week of January.

There is also an advantage in the early cultivation of mustard that it is saved from the wrath of the pest. Mustard crop is attacked by Mahu or Chepa insect, but early crop is ready before that, due to which farmers are saved from loss.

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