Durga Puja 2021: High Court gave a big decision, allowed entry in pandals with certain conditions, got permission for wreath and ‘vermilion khela’

Durga Puja 2021: हाई कोर्ट ने सुनाया बड़ा फैसला, कुछ शर्तों के साथ पंडालों में प्रवेश की दी अनुमति, पुष्पांजलि और 'सिंदूर खेला' की मिली मंजूरी

File photo: Maa Durga and Calcutta High Court.

Durga Puja started with Navratri in West BengalDurga PujaCalcutta High Court (Calcutta High Court) has given a big decision. The Calcutta High Court had so far banned the entry into the pandals, but on its decision on Thursday, the Calcutta High Court, on its decision, granted the worship pandals (Puja Pandals) allowed entry with certain conditions. Along with this, Pushpanjali and Sindoor Khela have also been allowed. The Calcutta High Court has put some conditions for participating in Durga Puja, such as it will be mandatory for all the people participating in the program to be fully vaccinated (both doses of the vaccine).

At the same time, people in the age group of 45-60 have been allowed to go to big puja pandals and children in the age group of 10-15 years have been allowed to go to small puja pandals. However, the High Court has given this permission to the devotees only to participate in Pushpanjali and Sindoor Khela. For the rest of the time, as before, there will be a ban on people going to the puja pandals.

was banned last week

On Friday last week, the court had ordered that a no-entry zone should be created for the public. So that the spread of COVID-19 infection can be prevented due to crowding. The order was passed by a division bench of Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and Justice Rajarshi Bhardwaj of Calcutta High Court while hearing a PIL. The petitioner had filed a petition in the court citing the spread of corona virus. Last year also there was a ban on the entry of people during Durga Puja.

More than 15 people will not stay in the pandal

The Calcutta High Court has once again warned against ‘No Entry’ in the Puja Mandap. On the same day, the court had summoned the AG in Pujo’s guideline case. The court once again gave strict instructions to the AG regarding the compliance of health rules in worship. The AG told the court that the government has issued a circular, which clearly states that there will be no cultural program. There should not be more than 15 people in the pandal. No barrier has been put in place but no entry zone has been created. It has been said that the order of the High Court should be followed. The AG clarified in the court that no ban was imposed on the game of vermilion last year. However, the number of people who can enter the mandap simultaneously is given.

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