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Due to climate change, the outbreak of Karpa disease on the banana orchards, the farmers were upset

Even in the Rabi season, the crisis continues on the farmers. Earlier, due to heavy rains, there was heavy damage to Kharif crops in the district. After grapes, pomegranate and cotton due to unseasonal rains, now banana orchards are getting ruined due to the outbreak of Karpa disease.

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The problem of farmers in Maharashtra is not taking its name to stop. Farmers are facing crisis these days due to changing climate change and unseasonal rains. Due to the changing weather, the outbreak of pests and diseases is increasing on a large scale on the crops, due to which the farmers are suffering a lot. Banana orchards are getting damaged due to increasing outbreak of Karpa disease on banana orchards in Ardhpur taluka of Nanded district. In Ardhapur taluka, farmers cultivate bananas on a large scale. But now the banana orchards have been irreparably damaged due to unseasonal rains and climate change. Due to climate change, grapes, pomegranate, cotton and tur crops have been damaged due to the effects of pests, diseases, due to which farmers are losing millions.

The infestation of insects intensifies in such weather.

Climate change has affected all crops. On the other hand, due to unseasonal and cloudy weather in Nanded district, the outbreak of pests on banana orchards including onions has increased. This disease is spread through banana buds. So the question is, what should farmers do? Bananas were planted in thousands of hectares in Ardhapur taluka. But now that the gardens are in their final stages. In such a situation, crops are getting spoiled due to Karpa disease. Farmers say that even after spraying insecticides and medicines, there is no effect. The unseasonal rain has spoiled the entire crop.

Agriculture officers gave advice to the farmers

The Kharif soybean crop was heavily damaged due to heavy rains, after which some farmers have not yet received compensation. Although many farmers are now turning to gardens due to unpredictable Kharif season, because farmers say that the cost of horticulture farming is less than traditional crops, but now farmers are troubled by the outbreak of pests and diseases on the crops due to the changing season. are in. At present, to save the banana orchard, farmers are spraying the orchards at a cost of lakhs of rupees per acre. Agriculture officials have advised farmers to spray a mixture of insecticides and fungicide.

Banana prices also declined

The farmers have always tried to increase the production by changing the cropping pattern, so the farmers of the district had decided to grow bananas instead of the traditional crops. Ardhapur taluka has the largest area under banana. Due to good rates in the initial days, the area under banana is increasing in the district, but this year the lowest rate in the last four years is of banana. Due to the decreasing demand in Corona, there has been a decline in commercial orchards, so this year is proving to be a loss deal for the farmers.

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