Do trees also get cancer? The oldest mango tree of Lodhi Garden will soon lose its existence

क्या पेड़ों को भी होता है कैंसर? लोधी गार्डन का सबसे पुराना आम का पेड़ जल्द ही खो देगा अपना अस्तित्व

A several-year-old mango tree present in Delhi’s Lodhi Garden complex was placed in the list of 16 ‘heritage’ trees prepared by the Delhi government a few years back.

Mango tree is getting spoiled by canker disease (indicative picture).

A Mango tree in Lodhi Garden, one of the ‘Heritage’ trees of the Delhi government, is nearing its end. This special tree has stood the test of time for the last 70-80 years but soon it will lose its existence. The reason is cancer. Yes, this particular mango tree is prone to Canker Disease or Cancer of trees.

In fact, out of all the trees in Lodhi Garden, this mango tree found a place in the list of 16 ‘heritage’ trees prepared by the Delhi government a few years back. But the caretakers of the tree feel that it is nearing its end. A gardener living in Lodhi Garden for 34 years says that there was a time when this tree was in bloom. People used to come and take mangoes from this tree but gradually the landscape changed and the story of this tree changed.

What is canker disease?

In fact, unlike the plants and trees around the mango, the mango tree requires very little maintenance. According to an observer, every year a branch of this tree falls due to disease. Many experts have come to see the tree but no one has found a cure for it. Actually, due to canker disease, many types of symptoms appear on the stems and twigs. It begins with an open wound and develops into a brownish dark pit or a black boil-like sore on the bark. Due to which the tree gets damaged.

Oldest Mango Tree in Lodhi Garden Complex

An official of NDMC’s Horticulture Department explained why this mango tree was chosen as one of the heritage trees. Actually this tree was declared as a ‘Heritage’ tree under a project. But this project has now been scrapped by the government. It was reported that this is not the only mango tree in the complex, although it may be the oldest. According to an official estimate, the tree may be around 70 to 80 years old, and the tree has been suffering from canker disease for almost a decade. Because of this, this special mango tree can end anytime.

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