Do not take beer lightly too… know what does it do if a glass of it goes into the body?

बीयर को भी हल्के में ना लें... जानिए इसका एक गिलास शरीर में जाता है तो क्या-क्या करता है?

Beer also causes a lot of damage by going into the body like alcohol.

Often in friends or in parties, you must have heard about beer that hey this is beer, nothing happens with it. That is, beer is not considered harmful for health and people also consume it in large quantities. But, it is not so at all. Beer also contains alcohol content and it harms your body a lot. The sips of beer also go inside and affect the brain from the liver.

In such a situation, know that when you drink a glass of beer, it goes into your body and creates a lot of movement and harms your body. Let’s understand how beer has an effect.

What does beer do to the body?

There is nothing digestible in beer and it reaches the small intestine directly. After this the alcohol present in the beer goes into the blood. Once alcohol enters the blood, the blood carries it to other cells of the body. After this, it stops the nutrients in the alcohol from dissolving in the cells. Then it also reaches the liver and the liver starts the work of filtering it.

After this the alcohol reaches the brain and some such elements start secreting, which control your speaking, laughing etc. The effect of this is that due to excessive alcohol consumption, the person who drinks alcohol starts speaking anything and starts moving to do something. In such a situation, it can be said that people who are drinking more than one beer daily, it can be dangerous for them, because beer is not able to digest more alcohol.

This is how it affects the liver

Alcohol has the biggest effect on the liver, because it makes the liver fat cells and it starts taking the place of the original liver cells. Then the amount of fat in the liver becomes high and it is unable to function properly. By not consuming alcohol, the liver starts repairing itself again and liver cells start forming. It takes time for the liver to recover and after quitting alcohol, the liver recovers a little, but it is not able to be the same as before. So don’t drink alcohol.

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