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Do not add fertilizer to the onion crop at this time, otherwise you will not benefit but will be harmed

Scientists issued advisory regarding onion cultivation.

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Farmers Advisory: Agricultural scientists of Pusa issued advisory for farmers, how farmers should prepare the field for Kharif season, which crops to sow at this time.

Agricultural scientists have given farmers the crop of onion (Onion Crop) It is advised to do light irrigation. Scientists of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute have said that do not give fertilizers at this stage of the crop, otherwise there will be more growth of the vegetative part of the crop and less growth of onion knot. Keep monitoring the attack of thrips in onion crop continuously. Vegetable cultivation (Vegetables farmingIt is being advised to do light irrigation at regular intervals in vegetable nurseries, jayed crops and fruit orchards. Along with this, to protect the nursery from heat wave, some barrier has been asked to be installed. If the farmer brothers and sisters obey the scientists, then they will be in profit.

Timely field preparation is also necessary for Kharif crops in this season. Scientists said that after harvesting the rabi crop, the farmers should leave the land open after deep plowing of the vacant fields, so that the eggs of insects and grass seeds hidden in it will be destroyed due to the heat of the sun. This will benefit the farmers in growing the next crop.

Which crops can be sown

Sunai, Dhaincha can be sown for summer green manure. The seed rate of Sanai is 60-70 kg and that of Dhincha is 50-60 kg per hectare. For good germination, it is necessary to have sufficient moisture in the field. Apart from this, sowing of fodder crops like guar, maize, millet etc. can be done this week. It is necessary to have sufficient moisture in the field at the time of sowing. Sow seeds at 3-4 cm depth and row to row distance is 25-30 cm.

Prepare the field for tur and cotton

Farmers should prepare the fields for sowing of tur and cotton. Buy seeds only from a certified source. In view of the possibility of high temperature, farmers should harvest the prepared vegetables in the morning or evening. After that keep it in a shady place. Maintain minimum moisture in vine crops and vegetables in this season. Failure to do so may affect pollination due to low soil moisture, which may reduce crop production.

Apply urea @ 5-10 kg per acre after harvesting of okra crop. Keep monitoring the mite pest continuously. If more pests are found, spray Ethion @ 1.5-2 ml/litre of water. In this season, light irrigation of lady’s finger crop should be done at short intervals.

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how to store grain

Clean the warehouse before putting the grain into storage. Dry the grain. The moisture content in the grains should not be more than 12 percent. Clean the warehouse thoroughly. If there are cracks on the ceiling or walls, then fill them and fix them. Treat the sacks with 5% neem oil solution. Keep the bags dry in the sun. Due to which the eggs and larvae of insects and other diseases etc. are destroyed.

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