Delhi: There is a steady decline in the cases of corona infection, with 23 new cases in 24 hours, not a single death is a relief news.

Delhi: कोरोना के मामलों में लगातार गिरावट, 29 नए केस और 1 की मौत; 10 दिनों में संक्रमण से गई दूसरी जान

There is a steady decrease in the cases of corona infection in Delhi. In the last twenty four hours, 23 new cases of infection have been reported.

There is a steady decrease in the cases of corona infection in Delhi. In the last twenty four hours, 23 new cases of infection have been reported. At the same time, 1 patient has been cured of corona infection. 29 new cases of corona were registered on Sunday. For the past several days, there has been a steady decline in new cases. On Saturday, 30 cases of corona were registered in Delhi, on Friday 39 cases were registered. Accordingly, a decline in new cases is being seen every day. It is a matter of relief that not a single patient has died due to infection in the last 24 hours (No Corona Death).

On Sunday, a patient died due to corona infection. Even before this, in the month of October, 1 more patient had lost his life. However, there is a huge reduction in the death rate from Corona. So far 2 lives have been lost due to corona in the month of October. But not a single death in the last 24 hours is a relief news. There are currently 369 active cases of corona in the capital. The total cases of corona in Delhi are 14,39,218. At the same time, 14,13,760 people have been completely cured of the infection so far. So far 25,089 people have lost their lives due to corona infection in the capital.

Not a single death due to corona in last 24 hours

Rapid vaccination campaign going on in Delhi

The government is constantly trying to curb the corona infection. Vaccination campaign is being run on a large scale in Delhi. So that more and more people can be vaccinated. RTPCR tests of 38889 corona have been done in the last 24 hours. At the same time 7954 antigen tests have been done. For the last 79 days, new cases of corona have remained below 100 continuously. The rate of infection has also remained stable. In view of the possible danger of the third wave, people are being appealed to take precautions.

Herd immunity in 80 percent of Delhi’s people

At present, the corona infection is completely under control in Delhi.. But there is a risk of infection in the festive season. Although doctors say that about 80 percent of the people in Delhi have herd immunity. That is why the risk of infection among people is less. But still, an appeal is being made to take precaution. A large number of crowds are seen in the markets during the festive season. During this, the risk of spreading infection also remains.

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