Delhi Terror Bust: Terrorist Ashraf made big revelations during the interrogation of Special Cell, confessed to Reiki during High Court blast

Delhi Terror Bust: गिरफ्तार PAK आतंकी भारत में 'लोन वुल्फ अटैक' करने वाला था, दिल्ली में मौलाना बनकर रह रहा था

Pakistani terrorist Ashraf arrested from Delhi.

Ashraf, a terrorist of Pakistan, has made big revelations in front of the Special Cell of Delhi Police. According to sources, during the blasts outside the High Court in the year 2011, Ashraf had conducted a recce of the High Court. When a photo of a suspect involved in the blast was shown, Ashraf told that he had done recce. Although whether the suspect was involved in that blast or not, it will be clear in the interrogation so far, such evidence has not been found at the moment.

Apart from this, around 2011, Ashraf did a recce of the Police Headquarters (Old Police Headquarters) located at ITO. The terrorist told that he did Reiki many times but not much information could be found, because the police did not allow people to stay outside the headquarters. Along with this, Ashraf also sent the information to the handlers of Pakistan by doing a recce of the ISBT.

Reiki of India Gate and Red Fort

Ashraf has been involved in the blasts of Delhi or any other, the investigating agencies are questioning him. Mohammad Ashraf told during interrogation that he had also done recce of India Gate and Red Fort. During interrogation, Ashraf has confessed to conducting recce of about 10 such places. During interrogation, Ashraf has also told that he did not want to target the VIP area of ​​New Delhi. Because there would have been less casualty.

Ashraf told that he had done all these Reiki many years ago. But where did he rake it and said that the terrorist wanted to carry out the incident, he has not told. The Pakistani terrorist arrested on Tuesday from Delhi’s Laxminagar was in the process of carrying out several major terrorist attacks in the Kashmir Valley including the capital of the country. But before this, the Special Cell of Delhi foiled the conspiracy of Pak intelligence. According to Delhi Police sources, this terrorist was living in Delhi for the last 15 years, and he had also married an Indian girl.

Ashraf was the head of the sleeper cell

The terrorist was currently living separately from his wife. According to the police, terrorist Ashraf was the head of Delhi’s sleeper cell and used to provide weapons and logistics to terrorists coming to India. Police say that there are more people in its network in Delhi. The terrorist had buried the weapons under the sand on the banks of Yamuna near Kalindi Kunj. According to the Special Cell of Delhi Police, terrorist Ashraf was planning a ‘lone wolf attack’ in the capital of the country. The Special Cell of Delhi Police says that there may be many more arrests soon.

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