Delhi: Shooter Gogi, who was killed in Rohini court, had also unnecessarily fired 7 bullets in the chest of Haryanvi female singer – Read Inside Story

दिल्लीः रोहिणी कोर्ट में मारे गए शूटर गोगी ने भी कभी बे-वजह उतारी थीं हरियाणवी महिला सिंगर के सीने में 7 गोलियां- पढ़ें इनसाइड स्टोरी

Gangster Jitendra Gogi.

The Haryanvi female singer who was killed by Gogi and his goons (sharp shooters) had no enmity. The enmity was not even a distant introduction. Even after this, the bloody-minded dangerous Gogi had killed the female singer Harshita Dahiya.

Sanjeev Chauhan

The history of the infamous gangster Jitendra Gogi, who was dumped in room number-207 of the Rohini district court of the country’s capital Delhi, has also been heart-wrenching. To what extent was Gogi a dangerous gangster? This can be gauged from the police prize money kept on his arrest. Before the alleged arrest of Gogi in Delhi, Delhi Police had announced a reward of 4 lakhs and Haryana Police 2 lakhs to the person giving information about him.

On Friday, the letter of gangster Gogi, who was killed by being surrounded in the court number 207 (court of Special Judge Gagandeep Singh) of Rohini district court on Friday, is now being investigated by the Delhi Police because now the Delhi Police Crime Branch has to reach the bottom of the Gogi murder case. It also seems to be very important. The teams of Delhi Police Special Cell and Crime Branch have come to know that the way Gogi was gunned down in broad daylight in the crowded court, the place considered safest from all around i.e. inside the court itself. In the same way, Gogi had also unnecessarily killed the famous female singer of Haryana (Haryanvi singer) in Panipat with bullets.

Female singer killed without enmity

The Haryanvi female singer, who was killed by Gogi and his goons (sharp shooters), had no enmity with Gogi or his gang. The enmity was not even a distant introduction. Even after this, the bloody-minded dangerous Gogi had killed the female singer Harshita Dahiya. Harshita Dahiya was murdered by gangster Gogi in broad daylight in Panipat district of Haryana. Gogi and his associates dragged Harshita from her car and fired 7 bullets in the chest. This is the matter of 17 October 2017. Desh Raj, who was the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Panipat district in those days, had also told the media about Gogi’s hand in the Harshita Dahiya murder case.

In fact, just as the unarmed gangster Gogi was gunned down on 24 September 2021 by the shooters of his opposing faction (Sunil alias Tillu Tajpuria Gang) in a court filled with bullets. Worse than that, Gogi had unnecessarily killed innocent Haryanvi female singer Harshita Dahiya by throwing bullets in her chest to a shuddering death. Today, the police officers of both Delhi and Haryana states also consider this fact to be suppressed after Gogi was dumped in a full court. Teams of Delhi Police Crime-Special Cell engaged in the investigation of Gogi’s murder inside Delhi’s Rohini court on Friday, Sharp shooters present with Gogi in Harshita Dahiya murder case Keeping an eye.

was terrified at the thought of his death

Notorious gangster Gogi had made a video viral on social media at the time of his alleged surrender (alleged arrest) in front of Delhi Police, in which he was expressing his apprehension of being killed in a police encounter. He was afraid that the police might kill him in the alleged encounter after the alleged arrest/surrender. While recording the video of himself being killed in a police encounter, the miscreant Gogi had forgotten that the shooters of his enemy gang should not kill him before the police. On September 24, as a murderous incident happened to him in Delhi’s Rohini court. Even though later on the spot, the soldiers of the Third Battalion of Delhi Police had also gunned down both the killers of Gogi on the right spot.

It is said that the conspiracy to kill Gogi was made by miscreants inside Delhi’s Mandoli Jail. Similarly, Gogi had become friends with Haryanvi female singer Harshita’s brother-in-law (brother-in-law, elder sister’s husband) through some means. Harshita’s brother-in-law was facing trial for the murder of Harshita’s mother in Narela area of ​​Delhi. Harshita was a witness in the case of mother’s murder. His brother-in-law was preventing him from testifying. Even after this, Harshita did not hold back from testifying in the court against the brother-in-law in the murder of her mother. Therefore, his brother-in-law talked about settling Harshita with gangster Gogi.

Shot 7 bullets in the chest of the helpless woman

Gogi killed Harshita in friendship without charging any money. According to Delhi Police Crime Branch sources, “Even though Gogi had fired 7 bullets in her chest at the time of Harshita murder case. But three-four more sharp shooters were also present with him, who dragged Harshita out of her car and Gogi fired seven bullets in the chest of helpless Harshita. Haryana and Delhi Police claimed that, along with Gogi, at the time of killing Harshita that day, shooter Kuldeep alias Fazza (Delhi), sharp shooter Irfan of UP Baghpat, crook Rohit Kumar of Sonepat were also present.

Later, during interrogation, all these sensational facts were revealed by the notorious gangster Karala (Harshita’s brother-in-law) himself. It was Karala who had revealed that Gogi had executed the Harshita murder case without taking a single rupee in friendship. Karala was arrested by the police in the Harshita murder case on interrogation of his wife Lata (Harshita’s elder sister).

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