Delhi NCR: Drivers without high security number plates beware! Exemption is over, now you will have to pay Rs 5000 fine from tomorrow

Delhi Traffic Rules: दिल्ली में अब बिना इस कागज के गाड़ी चलाते पकड़े जाने पर लाइसेंस होगा रद्द, 10000 का जुर्माना भी लगेगा

Traffic Police. (signal picture)

In Noida, adjacent to Delhi NCR, the exemption is now over for high security number plates. According to the Noida Traffic Police, challans will start from Monday. Along with this, vehicles without high security number plates will have a challan of Rs 5000. It is noteworthy that according to the RTO, the last date for installing high security number plates in private vehicles registered in Delhi-NCR was 30 September. Because now commercial vehicles without High Security Number Plate will have to pay a challan of up to Rs 5000. Without this, a fine of Rs 5000 will have to be paid if found guilty of violating section 162 of the High Security Number Plate i.e. Motor Vehicles Act (1988).

According to the information received from RTO, challans will start from Monday. An order has been received from the government in this regard. He said that a list is being prepared for the commercial vehicles on which the last date for installation of high security number plates has passed in the whole of UP. Soon action will be taken against these drivers. Along with this, there will also be challans for private cars. Challans for two wheelers without high security number plate will be started after a few days. He said that there will be relief for those vehicle owners, who will have the receipt for the application of high security number plate. Therefore, the owners of the vehicles which do not have this number plate, should apply soon.

Invoice will be deducted under number plate standards

At the same time, according to the RTO, the challans of vehicles without high security number plates will be under the number plate not according to the standards. Apart from the app, invoices will also be made by cutting the receipt. The amount of this challan will be 5000 thousand rupees. However, apart from depositing the challan amount online, people can also deposit the fine in the RTO. Therefore, an awareness campaign is being run from October 1 for people to get high security number plates installed in their vehicles. RTO and traffic police are making people aware to get the high security number plate installed in the vehicle.

There are 7.87 lakh vehicles registered in the district

It is worth noting that according to the information received from the RTO, there are about 7.87 lakh vehicles registered in the district. Out of these, about 4.50 lakh vehicles do not have high security number plates. Of these, more than 4.30 thousand vehicles are registered before April 2019. There is a facility to book number plates on and However, in new vehicles, dealers are making deliveries by installing high security number plates.

Know what is the function of High Security Number Plate?

Explain that the high security number plate is a hologram sticker, in which the engine and chassis number of the vehicle is written. The hologram sticker is pasted on the number plate of the vehicle in such a way that it cannot be removed easily. The High Security Number Plate has been designed for the safety and convenience of the vehicle. Due to this, the vehicles involved in the theft of the vehicle or carrying out any incident can be easily caught.

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