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Delhi: Half the consumers of BSES are using electricity for free since 2019, the bill did not come even once in three years.

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This figure is significant, as it shows that there are many people who are trying to save electricity by any means necessary to come under the subsidies.

Electricity Bill in Delhi (Delhi) An important thing has come out about it. More than half of the people to whom electricity is supplied by BSES have paid electricity bills since 2019 till now.delhi no electricity bill) has not been paid at all. The reason behind this is the Delhi government’s scheme to provide free electricity to those who consume less than 200 units of electricity per month. BSES is facing a lot of loss due to this scheme. Talking about the consumption and consumption data of BSES, till February this year, 38.62 lakh domestic consumers of South, West, East and Central Delhi were getting electricity from DISCOMs. These figures are based on the average of each month.

When this scheme was implemented in 2019-20. Then there were 35.88 lakh subscribers. That year, there was 52% of consumers falling under the 200-unit slab, which rose to 53.8% the next year. At the same time, till February 2021-22, this figure was 52.8%.

Electricity bill does not have to be paid under subsidy model

Under the electricity subsidy model in Delhi, those who consume less than 200 units per month do not have to pay any electricity bill. At the same time, subsidy is also given to those consuming between 200 units to 400 units, which is based on the fixed charges per load.

The number of people coming under the subsidy model increased more than the number of consumers

Between 2019-20 and 2021-22, the number of consumers has increased by 2.74 lakh, while in the meantime, there has also been an increase of 1.71 lakh in those falling in the 0-200 unit consumption category. Families who have received subsidy for consumption up to 400 units. There has been a significant increase in the number of such consumers. The data shows that the number of subscribers has increased by 2.74 lakh during this period. While the number of subsidies has increased by 2.97 lakh.

People save electricity to come under subsidy

According to a conversation with the English newspaper Indian Express, an official of the Electricity Department said that this figure is very important, because it shows that there are many people who try to save electricity by any means to come under the subsidies. Surprisingly, for the last two years, there are many categories of people who are working from home. In such a situation, the electricity bill should come more, but instead of getting more electricity bill, the figure of people of subsidy category is increasing.

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He said that we have to consider that the peak power demand of Delhi is increasing continuously and has reached 6,000 MW on April 28 this year. This is the highest power demand in Delhi in the month of April.

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