Delhi government worried due to shortage of coal, Energy Minister said – if supply does not come, then after two days there will be blackout in the capital

Industry facing severe coal crisis, UCCI appeals to Odisha government for help

The movement of coal has been affected due to excessive rainfall.

Due to the shortage of coal in Delhi, there may be a power crisis in the coming days. Regarding this, Delhi’s Energy Minister Satyendar Jain targeted the center and called it a man made crisis. He said that all the power plants in the country, which run on coal, there is a lot of shortage of coal for the last few days. The power plants from which Delhi is supplied, all of them have to keep a minimum coal stock of one month, but now it has come down to 1 day.

He further said that it is our appeal to the central government that railway wagons should be arranged and coal should be transported to the plants as soon as possible. All the plants are already running on only 55% capacity, instead of 3.4 lakh MW, today only 1 lakh MW demand is left, despite this power plants are not able to supply.

He further said, the capacity of our hydroelectric plants has also come down from 45 thousand MW to 30 thousand MW. We want 45 thousand MW to be generated there during the peak hour. This is the situation when we have made power purchase agreement, we have agreement of 3-4 and a half thousand MW with NTPC itself, in spite of that we are ready to buy 20 units of electricity today. We have said that no matter how expensive electricity is available, we will buy it.

This Man Made Crisis

Satyendra Jain said, it seems that this is a man made crisis. Such politics goes on that if you create a crisis, you will feel that some great work has been done. Just as there was a crisis of oxygen, that was also man made, again the same crisis is seen to stop the supply of coal. Coal is produced in this country, there are power plants in the country and the demand is more than that. Our production capacity is 3 times. That’s why it seems that this is a man made crisis.

Blackout can happen after two days

We have a 1300 MW plant in Bawana, which runs on gas. There the supply of gas was stopped yesterday. We demanded supply from the center, after which supply is being received. All three companies of Delhi do not produce themselves, there is no coal plant in Delhi, there are three small plants, where gas is produced. We are dependent on the Centre’s plant. If the supply does not come, then after two days there will be a black out in the whole of Delhi.

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