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Delhi government orders to cut guests at weddings, whom to call, who did not pose a big challenge

After the order of cutting the list of guests, the problems of traders running banquet halls are also not less.

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Corona Virus is spreading rapidly across the country. Governments are worrying about the people. Orders are being issued to control the crowd while lockdown is being done somewhere. The Delhi government has ordered that the number of people attending the wedding ceremony should be cut. But the problem is standing in front of the families whose wedding cards have been distributed, payment has been made to the bank hall.

The wedding ceremony and organizing establishments have seen a bad phase in the last 1 year. Banquet halls were heard during the lockdown, while on the other hand, the houses where the clarinet was ringing, had to cut the list of their guests. If the restrictions were lifted at the beginning of the new year, the rhetoric returned inside the banquet hall, but as the cases of Corona are increasing now, the sword of economic recession has started to hang on the business of the banquet hall once again.

Whom to call and whom not

The wedding season is starting from April 13. The challenge before the houses where there is a marriage is that who should be invited to the wedding and who is not. Because the Delhi government has once again reduced the number of guests attending the ceremony.

Only 100 people can gather in indoor functions, while in the open space, this number has been limited to 200. Earlier in the year 2021, the ban on the number of people attending the ceremony was lifted.

Trouble for families who have distributed wedding carts

The government wants to stop Corona from increasing the infection by stopping the crowd gathering at the ceremony, but after this sudden order, the problem is in front of the families, who are married in the house and the wedding cards have reached the door of the guests.

TV9 spoke to such families in Delhi, whose daughter is going to get married this month in their homes. The problem before the families is how to cut the list of guests according to the new order of the government.

Chintu Joshi’s sister Kirti has an April 30 wedding; nearly 350 guests have been invited. Now both siblings are engaged in this multiplication that who should not be asked to come to the wedding ceremony, so that the government can also obey the order and no guests are discouraged and are not allowed to attend the wedding ceremony.

On the other hand, the problem of Jha family is also similar. The cards of the daughter’s wedding have gone to the guests, the banquet hall in which the wedding is to be held has also been paid. Now the problem is how to withdraw the payment from the banquet hall owner after the guest list is cut.

Problems of traders also increased

After the order of cutting the list of guests, the problems of traders running banquet halls are also not less. Last year the banquet halls were closed for almost a year at the time of lockdown. After 1 year of listening, when the banquet hall opened, there was hope among the businessmen. But the Corona era has returned once again and in such a situation dark clouds are hovering over the future of these banquet halls.

The government’s intention behind cutting the list of guests attending the ceremony is to stop Corona. But it is also seen to have an impact on all businesses. In such a situation, there is pressure on the government to find a middle way, so that the question of the livelihood of all the people related to business does not arise, and Corona will also die outside the banquet hall.

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