Delhi: Delhi Police tightens security amid festive season and fear of terrorist attack, mock drill is being done

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Delhi Police has tightened security in the capital (File Photo)

Delhi Police has tightened security in the capital in view of the festive season. In this episode, mock drills have also been done to deal with terrorist attacks. Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Sagar Singh Kalsi told news agency ANI, “We held a meeting with various committees regarding document verification of tenants.” Kalsi said that we are also ready for drone attacks.

The possibility of a terrorist attack has been raised in view of the festive season to be held in the capital of the country. Due to which Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana had also called a meeting of top police officers on Saturday. According to Delhi Police, taking anti-terror measures was discussed in the meeting. Taking anti-terror measures was discussed in the meeting. During this, it was also discussed how to stop the terrorists from taking the help of the local people.

Terrorist attack cannot be done without the support of the local people

During the meeting, Asthana told that inputs of terrorist attack in Delhi have been received. However, in this case, Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said that unless the support of the local people is not received, the terrorists cannot attack. At the same time, he told that local gangsters and radical elements can help him in such attacks.

Petrol pumps and petrol tankers can be targeted

At the same time, the Police Commissioner said that there is input from the intelligence agency that petrol pumps and petrol tankers can be targeted. Cyber ​​cafes, chemical shops, parking spaces, junk and car owners should be professionally investigated and monitored. Along with this, he also directed the Delhi Police to run a campaign for the verification of tenants and employees. Apart from this, the police will also coordinate with the people associated with the ‘eye and ear scheme’ along with the street vendors and watchmen.

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