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Delhi Corona: When will the cases of corona reduce in Delhi? Know the answer from experts

Fluctuations in coronavirus cases continue in the country

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Experts say that there is currently no new variant of Corona in Delhi. In those who are getting infected, the symptoms of the virus are mild. The number of patients in hospitals is not increasing.

Corona in the country’s capital Delhi (Corona in Delhi) The new cases are increasing continuously. Cases started increasing in the capital since the first week of April. 1407 new cases in last 24 hours (New Corona Cases) have come. Active patients of infection amidst increasing cases (Active Cases Of corona) The number has gone up to 5955. However, it is a matter of relief that out of the total active cases, less than three percent patients are admitted in hospitals. Patients do not have serious symptoms due to corona. plus positivity rate (Positivity rate) also remains less than five per cent. Tv9 has interacted with doctors of hospitals in Delhi on the current situation of Corona in the capital.

Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of Loknayak Hospital, Delhi, told in a conversation with Tv9 that at present 10 patients of Corona are admitted in the hospital. Most of these infected are those who came to the hospital due to kidney, liver and heart disease and found COVID positive in the test. Dr. said that the symptoms of infection are not serious in any corona patient admitted to the hospital. There is also no chest infection or shortness of breath. Symptoms of infection in people are like viral. Even though cases are increasing, but hospitalization is not increasing.

Cases will start decreasing in the next one to two weeks

Dr. Suresh said that looking at the current graph of infection, it is expected that for the next one to two weeks, the cases of corona in the capital will start decreasing. According to Dr., at present, those people are getting infected, in which the level of immunity has decreased, although the number of such people is very less. Therefore, it is expected that by the end of this month, there will be a decline in the cases of corona.

Dr. Suresh told that genome sequencing of samples of corona infected is being done in the Genome Sequencing Lab of the hospital. At present, no new variant has been reported in any infected. However, there is always the possibility of a new variant coming. Therefore, the patients in whom the viral load is high. Their samples are sent for sequencing.

make sure to wear a mask

Dr. Kumar says that even though corona is like a viral at the moment, but still it is very important to protect against it. People should follow the covid protocol. Make sure to wear a mask in crowded areas and public places. This will also protect against infection and also from other infectious diseases.

No anticipation of the next wave

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Dr. Jugal Kishore, HOD Professor, Department of Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, told Tv9 that even though cases are increasing in Delhi, there is no possibility of a new wave. If we look at the cases, then the pace of their growth is very slow. Active cases are also not increasing much. People are getting infected, but they are recovering just as quickly. Serious symptoms have not been seen in anyone from Corona. Because the virus is always present. That’s why some cases will keep on coming. It is expected that within the next one week there will be a decrease in new cases.

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