Delhi: BJP leader Manoj Tiwari injured in protest against Chhath Puja outside CM House, admitted to Safdarjung Hospital

Delh: CM हाउस के बाहर छठ पूजा को लेकर विरोध प्रदर्शन में BJP नेता मनोज तिवारी घायल, सफ़दरजंग अस्पताल में भर्ती

BJP demonstrated against the Delhi government’s decision to impose restrictions on Chhat Puja.

BJP MP Manoj Tiwari was injured in the protest against Chhath Puja at CM House in Delhi on Tuesday. During this, many protesters have suffered injuries. It is being told that Manoj Tiwari has been injured after falling from the barricading while running the water cannon. According to the information, Manoj Tiwari has been admitted to Safdarjung Hospital, where doctors are treating him. Apart from this, some other injured BJP workers have also received injuries, whose first aid was also given at Safdarjung Hospital.

Why does Kejriwal have so much objection to celebrating Chhath festival?

Earlier, former Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari said that, understanding the importance of Chhath and the belief in it, I believe that celebrating Chhath Puja is like Sanjeevani for 80 lakh Purvanchalis living in Delhi. Chhath is a matter of faith. Politics should not come in this and that is why we are meeting all the Chhath committees by moving away from politics, trying to understand their preparation, but the decision of Kejriwal government not to directly persuade is quite surprising. We will celebrate Chhath festival with great enthusiasm keeping in view the spirit of those who observe Chhath fast across Delhi. Why does Kejriwal have so much objection to celebrating Chhath festival, a symbol of cleanliness?

‘Kejriwal government insulted the people of Purvanchal by banning Chhath festival’

Delhi BJP President Gupta said that when the wave of Corona came, even at that time Arvind Kejriwal raised his hand instead of providing facilities to the people of Purvanchal leaving them destitute. Neither gave ration, nor any medical facility and left them on their condition. To avoid its responsibilities, the Kejriwal government is completely refusing to celebrate Chhath Mahaparv. BJP demands that the Delhi government should immediately write a letter to DDMA and give permission to celebrate Chhath Puja – State President Shri.

Adesh Gupta said that Kejriwal does not leave a single opportunity to hurt the sentiments of the people of Purvanchal. The people of UP-Bihar come to Delhi on a ticket of Rs 500 and leave after getting treatment for 5 lakhs. Who can forget this statement of Kejriwal.

Like every time, Kejriwal has once again insulted the people of Purvanchal. Lakhs of Purvanchal residents live in Delhi and celebrate Chhath Mahaparva with reverence, faith and faith, but perhaps this is not pleasing to Kejriwal.

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