Delhi Air Pollution: Children living in Delhi suffocate! 75.4% of children in the study complained of breathlessness

Delhi Air Pollution: दिल्ली में रहने वाले बच्चों का दम घुटता है! स्टडी में 75.4% बच्चों ने की सांस फूलने की शिकायत

Children are suffocating due to air pollution in Delhi. (File Photo)

As winter approaches, the climate of Delhi becomes especially dangerous for children and the elderly. Now a study has revealed that 75.4 percent of the children living in Delhi feel suffocating. A recent study by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has revealed that children constantly feel suffocated and it increases during the winter season. It has been claimed in this study that 75.4% complained of breathlessness, 24.2% complained of itchy eyes, 22.3% complained of regular sneezing or runny nose, 20.9% of children complained of cough in the morning.

In this study, scientists have conducted a detailed health survey of 413 children in the age group of 14-17 years in the national capital. A study by TERI states that the air of Delhi has high concentration, which is pushing Delhiites especially children towards respiratory diseases and heart diseases. This study has been done to find out the conditions of air pollution in six cities of India. This includes Delhi, Ludhiana, Patiala, Panchkula, Visakhapatnam and Jaisalmer.

The amount of zinc and lead in the air is inviting diseases

In this study, the level of air quality has been analyzed in October 2019. The study showed that the concentration of zinc in the city’s PM 2.5 (particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter) was 379 ng/m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air) in October 2019, when Delhi’s pollution levels started deteriorating. In September 2020, it increased to 615 ng/m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air).

Similarly, the lead content in Delhi’s air was 233 ng/m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air) in 2019, which increased to 406 ng/m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air) in 2020, with arsenic content of 3 ng/m3. m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air) to 11 ng/m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air) and cadmium from 8 ng/m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air) to 21 ng/m3 (nanograms per cubic meter of air) ) happened.

increasing risk of cancer

Explain that some of these metals were extremely toxic to human health and regular exposure to it can have fatal health consequences. TERI Associate Fellow (Environment and Health) Kanhaiya Lal said PM 2.5 level in your city is less than 60 ug/m3 which is considered an acceptable standard, but if there is a high concentration of toxic metals in the air, then it will be less than 60 ug/m3. Your health is at risk.

An increase in the amount of cadmium and arsenic in the air can over time increase the risk of cancer, kidney problems and high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. According to experts, the primary source of metals in Delhi’s air is vehicular congestion and fumes from industrial operations in neighboring states. According to the study, especially in the winter season, there are dangerous metals in the air, which causes breathing problems. Not only this, the complaints of red skin rashes in the morning, asthma and cough with phlegm also come to the fore in children.

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