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Curfew In Jodhpur: Normalcy in Jodhpur, curfew extended till May 10 amid resumption of internet service

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Internet service was restored in Jodhpur at 4 pm today. Let us inform that after the clashes in the city, the services were stopped on 3 May. On the other hand, the curfew issued in the city has been extended till May 10 (7 am).

Rajasthan (RajasthanPeople breathed a sigh of relief in Jodhpur on Sunday. Where today along with the relaxation of curfew for 8 hours, internet service has also been restored. Along with this, the curfew issued in the city has been extended till May 10 (7 am). In fact, after the clashes in the city of Jodhpur on the night of May 2, on May 3, internet service (Internet Service) was closed. At the same time, at around 4 pm today, without any prior notice, people informed each other about its resumption as soon as the internet service was restored. However, later an order to restore internet service has also been issued by the District Collector.

In fact, the internet service was stopped immediately after the disturbance that broke out in Jodhpur city on the night of May 2. On the next day, on May 3, curfew was implemented in many police station areas. At the same time, the local district administration decided to start internet service after peace prevailed during the relaxation being given for three consecutive days. Let us inform that the local people were very upset due to the internet service being closed for the last 1 week.

Internet service restored in Jodhpur

People got relief due to the restoration of internet

Let us inform that the internet started after the ban of the last 6 days has brought relief for the children’s education as well as for those working online. Along with this, children studying online will also get the facility. After the flag dispute in Jodhpur, the government had issued orders to stop internet service in the entire district due to effective implementation of law and order. Due to which the life of the common people was greatly affected. Apart from this, all the entertainment and online work of people were stopped in the 10 police station areas affected by curfew. In such a situation, there is an atmosphere of happiness among the people after the ban was lifted from the internet.

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On May 3, the administration had implemented curfew

Significantly, after a dispute a day before Eid in Jodhpur city, curfew was imposed from 12 noon on May 3. Which was extended for the next 48 hours, the duration of which is ending on Sunday midnight. However, a day before the curfew was given a relaxation of 2 hours. At the same time, on May 8, a total relaxation of 8 hours has been given from 9 am to 5 pm. Also, curfew has been imposed in 10 police station areas of the city, where dairy, grocery, vegetable shops have been allowed to open in this exemption.

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