Cruise Drug Case: NCB opposes Aryan’s bail, says – WhatsApp chat between Aryan, Arbaaz and drug peddler

Drugs Case : आर्यन खान के वकील सतीश मानशिंदे ने जमानत के लिए स्पेशल NDPS कोर्ट में दायर की है याचिका, बोले- आज हो सकती है सुनवाई

Aryan Khan. (file photo)

Hearing on the bail of actor Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the cruise drug case case took place on Wednesday. After a long debate, the court has asked to hold the rest of the hearing on Thursday. In this case, Aryan’s lawyer Amit Desai said that no drugs have been recovered from his client nor any cash has been found from him to buy drugs.

For Aryan’s bail, he argued before the court that only six grams of drugs have been recovered from Arbaaz Merchant. His argument was opposed by the NCB. Opposing Aryan’s bail, NCB’s lawyer also presented a WhatsApp chat between Aryan, Arbaaz and the drug peddler in the court.

‘It’s not about two people but about the whole gang’

It was said on behalf of the NCB that in this case the sale and use of drugs has come to the fore. This is a serious matter which has an impact on the society. This is not just a matter of two people, but of a whole gang. Efforts are being made to find out how far its wires are spread. He further said that it is constantly being said that people were invited on the cruise, if so, where are the invitations?

Chat with drug peddler

It was said on behalf of NCB that it is not so easy to say that drugs were only for my use. The investigation is on to get to the root of the drugs. When we talked about conspiracy during the second remand, it means that all are connected to each other. So far 20 people have been arrested. This also includes drug peddlers. A chat has also been found between Aryan Khan, Arbaaz and the drug peddler. A large amount of drugs are being talked about in this chat. Obviously no one will buy drugs in bulk for their own use. WhatsApp chat was presented in court by NCB.

NCB’s counsel said that such chats have come out which cannot be read in court. But in this a conversation with an international drum peddler has come to the fore. In which talk of hard drugs is being said. This matter should be properly investigated. If anyone is released, it may affect the investigation.

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