Cruise Drug Case: Munmun Dhamicha’s lawyer told the court- drugs were not found from my client, why is he in jail

Mumbai Cruise Drugs Case: मुनमुन धमेचा ने ड्रग्स आखिर कहां छुपाया था, NCB का चौंकाने वाला दावा सामने आया

Munmun slows down.

Cruise Drugs Case (Cruise Drug CaseAryan Khan on Wednesday in the case (Aryan KhanHearing of three accused including ) was held on bail. In this case, the NCB referred to the international drug racket and opposed the bail. It has been said from the NCB that the investigation can be affected if any person is released. Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamicha’s bail hearing was held in the court. After a long hearing, the court decided that the hearing in the case would continue on Thursday as well.

During the hearing, Munmun’s lawyer Ali Kashif Khan said that no drugs have been found from my client. Rather got it from his room. Which was booked by someone else. He said that a packet of drugs was found on the corner of the table in Munmun’s room.

Munmun’s lawyer said that my client is a fashion model. He was invited for his work on the cruise. A person named Baldev had invited my client but he has not been arrested. Two minutes after my client boarded the cruise, the search started there. A packet was found from one corner of his room. Referring to the Panchnama, he said that it has been said in the Panchnama that there were two more people with Munmun, both of them have not been made accused.

‘Why are my clients in jail’

Ali Kashif Khan said that a plastic packet was found during the search from the corner of the desk. At one place in the Panchnama, it is mentioned that nothing was found during the search of Munmun’s room, but drugs were found from the belongings of another accused. I want to know why my clients are in jail? My clients do not know those from whom the drugs have been found.

There is no relation with Arbaaz and Aryan

Munmun’s lawyer told the court that his client has no relation with Arbaaz and Aryan, yet he was arrested with them. He further said that according to the arrest memo, he has nothing to do with the grounds on which my client has been arrested. He is not a celebrity. In the reply of NCB also, all the allegations are on Aryan and Arbaaz. NCB says that five grams of drugs were found from my client. Whereas in the first Panchnama it was said that drugs were found from his room. NCB’s allegations have nothing to do with my client. If anything is found in my client’s room, then Baldev should be questioned because he had booked the room.

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