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COVID 19 is the worst crisis faced by the people, the world will change forever- PM Modi

The Prime Minister said that India is strongly facing this challenge and the vaccine’s role in it is important.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (File photo)

Describing COVID-19 (Covid 19) as an “occasional” epidemic in decades, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that it has plagued the nation’s house and at the same time has a very bad impact on the economy. Is inserted

He said that this epidemic has changed the whole world and our planet will not be the same after COVID-19. “We will remember events in the coming times as pre-COVID or post-COVID events.”

Addressing the Vesak Global Ceremony through video conference on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, the Prime Minister said that India is strongly fighting this challenge and the vaccine’s role in it is important. He said, “COVID is the worst crisis faced by humanity in 19 decades, we have not seen such an epidemic in the last century. It has changed the world. “The Prime Minister said that there have been many notable improvements in the fight against the epidemic since last year and it can be understood better today.”

He said, “Based on this, our strategy was strengthened and we have been able to fight it.” We also prepared vaccines. Vaccines are very important to save lives and defeat epidemics. ”

The Prime Minister appreciated the scientists who developed the COVID-19 vaccines and said that its development in a year shows the tenacity and tenacity of a human being. The Prime Minister expressed condolences to the people killed in this epidemic and said that those who lost their loved ones and those who suffered in this epidemic are involved in their grief. On this occasion, Modi also underlined the issues of climate change and terrorism and said that while fighting the COVID-19, there should be no turning away from other challenges which the entire humanity has to face today.

He said, “The careless lifestyle of the present generation has put the future generation in danger. We have to resolve that we will not hurt our planet. ”
He referred to Lord Buddha and said that he always emphasized on the way of life, where nature was considered paramount. He said that ‘right life’ is not only a word for India, but also karma.

The Prime Minister said that India is involved in a few big economies in the direction of achieving the Paris Agreement goals. Apart from the Prime Minister of Nepal and Sri Lanka, the Secretary General of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) also attended the ceremony.

The Prime Minister said that the life of Gautam Buddha teaches peace, harmony and co-existence but even today, such forces exist which thrive on hate, terror and violence.
He said, “Such forces do not believe in liberal democratic principles.” Therefore, there is a need to call upon those who believe in humanity. They should come together and defeat terrorism and fundamentalism. ”

He said that the teachings of Lord Buddha and the importance of social justice can become a force connecting the whole world. The Prime Minister said, “Lord Buddha is a repository of goodwill for the whole universe. We all can take the light of knowledge from time to time and move on the path of compassion, universal responsibility and welfare. ”

It is noteworthy that this event is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India in collaboration with the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC). It consists of the supreme heads of Buddhist associations around the world. More than 50 prominent Buddhist religious leaders of the world will address this ceremony. Vesak-Buddha Purnima is celebrated as the birth of Gautama Buddha, attainment of enlightenment and Maha Parinirvana Day.

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