Cotton Farming: These dangerous pests are found in cotton crop, farmers should protect like this

पंजाब में खेती-किसानी पर कीटों का हमला, कपास की खड़ी फसल की जुताई कर रहे किसान

The need to protect the cotton crop from pests.

Cotton is one of the major crops cultivated in Kharif season. These days many types of diseases are found in its cultivation. One of these is the pink bollard. Cotton crop is in its grip in many parts of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. Its maximum cultivation is done in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Among them, there are also some pests of pink bollworm, whose attack can reduce the yield of the crop by 60-70 percent. A total of four pests are considered major in terms of economic damage among different species of insects that damage the cotton crop. You can get a high quality crop by protecting it from pests like whitefly, american caterpillar, chepa and mealy bug etc.

white fly

These flies live on the lower surface of the leaves and suck the sap and make the plants weak. These flies leave a sticky substance on the plants, which causes mold to grow. To avoid this, adopt crop rotation and use 2-3 yellow traps per acre. If white fly infestation is seen in the crop, then spray Acetamiprid 40 gm or Acephate 75% WP 800 gm in 200 ltr water or Thymethoxam 40 gm or Imidaclorpid 40 ml mixed in 200 ltr water per acre.

american caterpillar

Due to the attack of this caterpillar, round holes are formed in the cotton. The feces of the worm is visible on the outer side of these holes. A single larva can damage 30-40 cotton. Use lighting cards or pheromone cards to check for these attacks. Do not plant cotton crop continuously in one field, but grow the crop by changing it. Before sowing cotton, remove the remaining weeds of the first crop thoroughly. Use the right amount of water and do not use too much nitrogen fertilizer.

mealy bug

These pests make plants weak by sucking the sap of the stems, branches, leaves. For its control, spraying of neem oil at the initial time can get rid of this pest. If its attack is severe, then Profanophos 500 ml. Spray it with 150 liters of water per acre.

mahu insect

This insect is green or light yellow in color. They make the plants weak by sucking the sap of the lower surface of the leaves. This causes great damage to the crop. For its control, spraying by mixing 3 ml imidacloprid per acre of land can get rid of this pest.

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