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Coronavirus: second wave of corona, 45 days ahead for India

Maharashtra contributes the most to the Corona second wave going on in India. Covid new strain is becoming the biggest reason for the increase in its positive cases in the state.

Coronavirus (nominal picture)

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the country and new cases of infections are being broken every day. Once again, the figures of new cases of Corona which have come out from all over the country have increased the concern of the people. More than a dozen states of India are facing the second wave of Corona, for which people are constantly being appealed to take precaution. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat are the states where the cases of corona are increasing everyday.

The second wave of corona is not being linked to the cases reported during the last 5 months i.e. from September 2020 to February 2021, because in these months new cases of corona infection in the country had come down from 98,000 to just 10,000. It also does not include the number of positive cases reported in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, while health services are backward compared to the large population in these states. As of 30 March, there have been 6,15,996 cases of corona infection in UP and 8,800 deaths. At the same time, 2,65,268 cases and 1,574 deaths have been recorded in Bihar.

Whereas till March 30, the number of cases of infection in India was 1,21,50,000. According to this, the share of Uttar Pradesh in the total affairs of the country is about 5 percent and that of Bihar is 2.18 percent. At the same time, the share of UP in the case of death from Corona is 5.15 percent and that of Bihar is less than 1 percent. These figures are truly shocking. Talking about Maharashtra, which has been the worst affected state of Corona in the country since the beginning, the number of positive cases has reached 28,12,980. In just 3 days, the number of infections in the state has increased by one lakh.

Which state has the highest share in the second wave?

Some things are very clear from this, first is that the second wave of corona epidemic is going on in India at this time. Secondly, Maharashtra has the highest contribution in this second wave of the country, which accounts for 65 percent of the total cases exposed daily. And the third thing is that the new strains of Corona in Maharashtra are becoming the reason for the increase in its positive cases. The second wave of corona in Maharashtra is different from the first wave. According to experts, Maharashtra may have to implement a short-term lockdown to reduce the uptick in positive cases.

These 45 days are very important for India

At the moment, India now has more resources to fight corona than before, including masks and several effective vaccines. If they did not, India would have to face a long lockdown once more and had to impose strict restrictions. But experts say that if this second wave of Corona is not stopped in the coming 45 days, then cases of infection in the country may increase once again with great speed, along with small lockdowns, frequent restrictions and for the economy. Many more losses may have to be seen.

If you control the second wave, the economy will continue to grow

At the same time, if this second wave is controlled by May, then the economy will continue to move forward with its pace. Due to this, efforts are being made in the country to accelerate the world’s largest vaccination campaign to combat corona and today the third phase of the vaccination drive (Corona Vaccination 3rd Phase) has started. Today, the program of giving vaccine to all people above the age of 45 years has been started across the country from April 1. It is expected that this second wave of Corona will end by the end of May.

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