Corona situation can become uncontrollable due to stubble burning, know what is the reason

पराली जलाने से फिर बेकाबू हो सकती है कोरोना की स्थिति, जानिए क्या है वजह

The stubble is burnt after harvesting the paddy crop, which causes pollution every year in many cities of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and UP. In the Corona era, that havoc is feared to be even more.

Corona situation can become uncontrollable again due to stubble burning

Now worry about the double danger of corona infection and pollution which is hovering over Delhi and surrounding states. So far we are afraid of the third wave of Corona. But now we tell you that in North India including Delhi, not the third wave but the fifth wave is coming. He may not be Corona but Corona has made him even more dangerous. That is, the pollution of stubble..

On the one hand, the cases of corona in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have been continuously under control for several days, but the situation is expected to worsen in the coming days and the reason for this will be the burning of stubble. Actually, after the paddy crop is ripe, its upper part is cut, but the stem of the paddy remains which is called stubble. For the early sowing of the next crop, the farmer has to prepare the field as soon as possible. In such a situation, stubble is burnt after harvesting the paddy crop, which causes pollution in many cities of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and UP every year.

Why burning of stubble can increase the risk of corona?

There is a danger of increasing corona infection due to stubble smoke. Which is feared according to a study by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. This study was done in Delhi between September and December last year. That is, the time when the paddy crop is harvested and the stubble burning starts.

Due to stubble smoke, PM 2.5 particles in the atmosphere exceed dangerous levels and the amount of black carbon in them also increases. It has been claimed in the study that not all types of PM 2.5 particles are the cause of corona spread, but the particles in which black carbon remains in high quantity, they make the corona virus aggressive and help in its spread.

This is the reason why stubble smoke will not only make cities gas chambers but can also strengthen the link of corona infection. Meaning, the corona which seems to be under control at the moment, may again be out of control due to pollution. This concern is further increased by the lax government attitude, which is active at the last moment even after knowing everything. By fulfilling the meeting, he gets rid of himself.

Every year many cities of North India including Delhi are exposed to pollution due to stubble burning and this time it is bound to happen. It is decided to burn stubble in the fields of Punjab, Haryana and Western UP. This time there has been a bumper production of paddy and more smoke is also certain. Whereas government preparations are the three stages of Dhak.

Everyone knows that every year at this time is the season for the ripening and harvesting of paddy, but governments may forget this, that is why they are active at the last moment, hold meetings. When the time is like a fist full of sand. When it starts slipping, then do the planning.

Delhi government working on winter action plan

The Delhi government is working on the Winter Action Plan and for this, all the departments have been given time till September 21. Now the first problem is that how will the planning done in a hurry in just 1 week. And the second problem is that by the time this plan is ready, the work of cutting paddy and burning of stubble will have started.

The Winter Action Plan that the Delhi government is preparing also includes reducing the pollution caused by traffic. While plans are being made to promote electric vehicles for this. Whereas the government also knows that it is not possible to do this in a few days.

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