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Corona cases records in the capital, every fourth containment zone from South Delhi

While the number of red containment zones in South Delhi is 586 (528 active), North Delhi (North Delhi) has 325 containment zones and 278 of them are active zones.

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In the national capital (Delhi), cases of corona infection are setting a daily record, with which the number of Containment Zones in Delhi is also increasing rapidly. According to a report, only after 26 March, the number of containment zones in the city has increased by 79 percent. The number of containment zones in Delhi on March 26 was 1,307, which has increased to 2,338 on Friday. Of these, the number of active zones is 2,007. Apart from this, every fourth zone is in only one district, South Delhi. That is, South Delhi has the highest containment zone at this time.

There are 528 (26.3 percent) active zones in South Delhi. In other areas falling under the Southeastern District, such as Lajpat Nagar and Greater Kailash, or Vasant Vihar in New Delhi district, the total active containment zone in the southern part of the city has reached 868, Which is about 43 percent of all red zones. After South Delhi, North Delhi (North Delhi) has the highest containment zone. While the number of Red Containment Zones in South Delhi is 586 (528 active), North Delhi has 325 Containment Zones and out of which 278 are Active Zones.

Most Hotspots in Middle Class Residence Area

Other districts with more than 200 active containment zones are West Delhi (257) and South-East Delhi (210). After this there are 192 active containment zones in New Delhi and 187 active zones in north-west Delhi. At the same time, the lowest containment zones are in South-West Delhi where there are 133 active zones. The least active zones are in East Delhi. Apart from this, the number of Red Zone is also less in North-East Delhi (53) and Shahdara (64) districts. This list shows that most of the hotspot areas in Delhi are in middle-class residential areas.

The purpose of creating a container zone

Containment zones are decided according to the regions. If corona infection is spreading rapidly in a colony or ward or any street, or in some selected areas of a district, the maximum cases of corona are coming up, then the local administration should categorize such areas according to the category of the container zone. gives. Restrictions are strictly enforced in the Containment Zone.

During this time, people are allowed to go out only for some essential things, home delivery of everything else is arranged. The purpose of creating a container zone is that the areas where corona cases are continuously coming up and there is a fear of spreading the infection, to prevent it there, so that the infection cannot spread to other areas.

Fast growing infection in Delhi

In Delhi, cases of coronavirus infection are increasing continuously. In the national capital Delhi, 3,594 new cases of corona infection have been reported on Friday and 14 patients have died. The fourth wave of Corona is going on in Delhi but lockdown has not been considered yet. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Friday, “Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Delhi, but there is nothing to panic. The government is monitoring the situation and is taking all necessary steps. “

At the same time, Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain said on Saturday, “The positivity rate in Delhi is 4.1 percent. Corona cases are still increasing in Delhi and the entire country. We are testing the most in the country. We are also tracing and testing of the entire family of those who are found positive, is being done. ” Experts believe that before it is too late, stringent restrictions need to be imposed once again in an area like Delhi.


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