Congress cannot become a strong opposition by being tied to the pallu of the Gandhi family, if not now then when?

गांधी परिवार के पल्लू से बंधे रह कर मजबूत विपक्ष नहीं बन सकती कांग्रेस, अब नहीं तो कब?

Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi (File photo- PTI)

Even though the Aam Aadmi Party has made the broom its election symbol, but its real political use has been made by Priyanka Gandhi. She may have picked up a broom to clean her room in the guest house of detention, but after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s indecent remarks, Priyanka has made a fundamental contribution to the politics of symbols by making brooming her political weapon. .

In another era, another Gandhi remembered the picture of him cleaning his ashram with a broom and cleaning others’ urns with a bucket. There is a gap of 100 years between the two. Priyanka is Gandhi in name only. That Gandhi was the real and original Gandhi. The similarity ends here.

The condition of the Indian National Congress today is no less than a circus. If this had happened in a normal political party, then there would not have been a need for such serious brainstorming across the country. But if there is a growing concern among the reflective people about the Congress, it is because despite its continuous erosion of the last 40-50 years, it is still the only party after the BJP with an all-India presence.

Since a strong opposition is essential in the basic conditions of a healthy democracy, the recent plight of the Congress has become the biggest obstacle in the formation of that opposition. There was a time, about 100 years ago, when the Congress was an urban and elite party of a very limited but influential class. Its leaders were very thoughtful, well-educated, bona fide, authentic and distinguished people, but they and the Congress did not have any lively contact, relationship and dialogue with the common people of India. In those early years of the Indian independence movement, the rural, uneducated and common people of India did not participate in it.

The extraordinary role of the Gandhi-led Congress movement in the freedom struggle

At that time, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a lawyer who had successfully exercised the power of non-violent mass movement in his 21-year stay in South Africa, returned to India at the invitation of Gopal Krishna Gokhale and took charge of the Congress. Turned it into a unique nationwide non-violent army fighting against British imperialism and the British Raj in India. It may be a popular pastime today to accuse Gandhi, Nehru and Patel and their Congress of plundering the sole credit for the country’s independence and neglecting the role of a large number of revolutionaries, but any serious person who is a little older than the history of that period It is well known, it cannot be denied that the Congress movement led by Gandhi played an extraordinarily large role in bringing freedom to the country.

Gandhiji took over the leadership of the Congress in 1920-21. Exactly 100 years after that, the Gandhi family is leading the Congress, although this family has nothing to do with that Gandhi. This Gandhi family is as far from Mahatma Gandhi’s personality, principles, lifestyle, political philosophy, ways as the Congress before that Gandhi was from the Congress after Gandhi. This Gandhi is part of India’s elite i.e. elite urban, affluent, sovereign class which constitutes .0001 percent of India’s population, but rules over it. Born and brought up in extreme power and splendor, the relationship of this family with the struggles of the people of India and common people’s life has been broken since Nehru. Although Nehru was also the son of Vaibhav, but through his long political struggle and penance, he had established an identity with the general public. Since then, none of the people of this Gandhi-Nehru family who were in power in the Congress had gone through and emerged from any kind of mass struggle. Be it Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and now Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra – all these are people placed on the leadership of the Congress and the country only because they were born in this family.

Congress has weakened continuously in the last 15 years

Not surprisingly, they are neither capable of facing any genuinely difficult mass struggle nor to lead it. In the last 15 years, the history of this family is the history of the Congress becoming increasingly weak. There is a history of continuous shrinkage of its traditional land and if we look at the political history of the country for the last seven-eight years, it is clearly visible that the leadership of Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka has become the history of defeating Congress in Lok Sabha and assembly elections. The disintegration of the Congress’s umbrella empire had begun in the late 60’s but due to its regional satraps and deep roots, the Congress remained the biggest axis of the country’s politics till the 80-90s, even though the era of coalition governments. had arrived.

Till 2000, in political discussions in the country, ‘Congress system’ (Congress system) was used as a synonym for the most prominent political functioning of the country. Even though apparently there had been tremendous disintegration in the entire social and class base of the Congress. More vocal, vigorous, struggling and bright contenders from minorities, dalits and backward classes had emerged in the form of regional parties. The colorful Congress rainbow of different religions, castes and classes had disintegrated. It had some upper castes, some backward classes, a section of Dalits and a section of Muslims left as its solid voters.

Then, as Atal ji’s NDA government ran with the help of alliances of regional parties, in the same way, Manmohan Singh’s UPA government with the help of alliances. At its end, the Narendra Modi earthquake that came in Indian politics fundamentally changed both its axis and poles. In the last seven years, under the leadership of the prodigious Modi-Shah duo, the BJP has reached a height that might not have been imagined by Bharatiya Jana Sangh leader Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee and then the founders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Vajpayee-Advani. We are seeing the direct opposite of that in the Congress, which is in such a pit of its history that its old forefathers would not have imagined.

All the credit for this cannot be given to Modi-Shah. The biggest contribution is of this Gandhi family. The Congress, accustomed to walking on the crutches of decades of psycho-political dependence on the Gandhi leadership, had forgotten to stand on its feet, walk and run long before Modi’s rise. He had lost his hand from the pulse of the changes coming in the psyche of the country, the changing socio-religious-ethnic-class equations-mentalities-aspirations. She continued with her majestic tricks, bound in the old mullahs and rites of power. Ganesh Parikrama of 10 Janpath, hiding mountains of corruption under the guise of flattery, his satraps kept raising their family political-economic fiefdoms. The ground work, workers and concerns got left behind.

Congress standing on the ground of historical collapse

With all this on the country’s horizon, the emergence of powerful regional aspirations, parties, leaders, the rise of Hinduist sentiments under the leadership of the BJP, the increasing linkage of the common Hindu with the Ram Janmabhoomi movement and the changing psyche and finally the historic rise of the Modi-Shah duo led the Congress. By making it irrelevant, it has been brought to the ground of its historical downfall.

Sonia Gandhi has proved to be a senior, balanced and mature leader but she is unwell. Rahul, after 15 years of long experience and coming and going under leadership, remains the crown prince who has not yet been able to make a solid place in the party, most of whose experiments have proved unsuccessful, whose The inability of party candidates to get votes is a proven inability and which is probably why even today they do not find the confidence to become the Congress President.

As Priyanka has proved again by sweeping several times in the past and thrice last week, she has the ability to seize opportunities, say the right things, be creative and original. But it is one thing to take political advantage of the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, to be prominent in the media, and quite another to make the party a big success in the Uttar Pradesh elections six months later. A virtual victory in a battle of images does not do much in a ground battle of the ballot boxes.

Time to make the country Congress-free, not Congress-Janpath-Gandhi-free

The time has come that the country should not be Congress-mukt but Congress-Janpath-Gandhi-mukt. Become the real Gandhi’s Congress. It needs the support of Gandhi’s ideological stick, not the family crutches of Gandhis with these names. That Gandhi may not come back, but his philosophy, his truth, his sensitivity to connect with the poor and his service, and his willingness to leave the worry of victory and defeat, to spend himself in tenacity and relentless struggle, are not impossible even today. . The Congress will have to create its own new socio-ethnic-class rainbow. Finding new land and plowing it will have to be done. This requires deep, ruthless introspection. Senior veteran leaders of G-23 are demanding this.

Gandhi family came in the role of guide or mentor

Indian democracy is waiting for a strong opposition to maintain its democracy, health and balance. Congress is the only option to become its strong axis. But it is certain that by being tied to the pallu of the Gandhi family, she cannot play this role, cannot reinvent herself. For this it is necessary that the Gandhi family limit its role without breaking ties with the party (that is impossible), come in the role of mentor or mentor, the next Congress President is chosen from among senior and young senior leaders by brainstorming, dialogue and consensus based majority . There should be a campaign to strengthen the Congress organization from below and keep out vested interests, known corrupt leaders. He has two and a half years now. If not more then this time is not less. If not now then when?

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