Complaining about speeding the car was costly, the madman trampled many with the car in anger, two including the woman died

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The speeding car trampled many people. (symbolic picture)

In Haryana’s Karnal district, giving advice to a headstrong young man was overshadowed by many innocent people. Angered by the advice not to drive fast, the madman trampled many innocent people with a speeding car. In this horrific incident, two people, including a woman, died after being crushed due to the anger of an uncontrollable youth. Some people also got injured in the accident.

The incident took place in Nilokhedi, a town in Karnal district. Police have started investigation by registering a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. According to the police, the killer trampled five people with a speeding car. Apart from the dead, the other three who were crushed along with them are being treated in the hospital in critical condition. The fault of all this was that he had objected to the accused driving the speeding car indiscriminately.

The mad car rider was circling again and again

According to the police, a marriage ceremony was going on in a house at the time of the incident. There was also a huge crowd of guests. A spoiled boy from the village was repeatedly bringing a speeding car to the venue of the procession. The speed of his car driving was so fast that, seeing which the guests were screaming. Many times the guests and the householders had openly objected to the accused driving such a fast car at the procession venue. When people raised objections, the mad youth went away silently at that time along with the vehicle.

Witnesses present at the spot said in statements given to the police, “As the wedding ceremony went off peacefully. After the ceremony, when the guests were leaving for their respective destinations, suddenly the same headless young man was driving at a high speed and suddenly came. Therefore, this time the complaint of the accused was made to his father. That was the only reason that the mad, spoiled youth got angry.

Angry people adamant on not conducting postmortem

According to the police, after some time, the young man reached again at a high speed and drove the car over the people present on the spot. This time many people were saved from coming in the grip of the car. But still 5 people got hit by the car. Two people, including a woman injured in the accident, died instantly. While the remaining three other injured were admitted to the hospital. Where their condition remains critical.

According to the police station, the woman and the person who died are relatives. They had come to attend the procession. Only three women are among the injured. After carrying out the incident, the accused youth managed to escape from the spot. According to Karnal Superintendent of Police Ganga Ram Poonia, raids are being conducted in search of the accused. He will be arrested soon. On the other hand, angry people from the incident have refused to conduct post-mortem of the dead bodies till the arrest of the accused.

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