Coal Crisis in Maharashtra: Amidst the shortage of coal, Maharashtra’s Energy Minister said, there will be no load shedding in the state

Coal Crisis in Maharashtra: कोयले की कमी के बीच बोले महाराष्ट्र के ऊर्जा मंत्री, राज्य में नहीं होगी कोई लोड शेडिंग

Till the situation is not normal in the flood affected areas, no recovery of electricity bill

Maharashtra Energy Minister Nitin Raut on Tuesday assured that there will be no load shedding in the state due to the ongoing coal crisis in the country. Raut said that despite the shortage of coal in the state, the Maharashtra government has ensured that the power supply is not disrupted.

He said, “Despite the coal crisis, we have tried to supply electricity to our citizens. Even after the coal shortage in the state, only four out of the 27 power generating units are closed.” “As a minister, I can guarantee that there will be no load shedding due to the coal crisis,” he told news agency ANI.

There was a meeting on the shortage of coal

He said, “I imagined such a situation could happen in the state. We hold such meetings even before the monsoon so that there is no shortage of coal supply due to rain. We had stock for 3 months, but when the rain stopped in between, electricity was used more. Due to this also the consumption of coal in the state increased.”

He further said, “I had spoken to the central government in Delhi about this even then. This morning also talked to the Energy Minister on this. Wherever we have mines, we have sent our officers to get information related to coal and we are doing whatever can be done.

‘Why there is shortage of coal in Maharashtra’

The Energy Minister said, “The Coal India Company could not manage this crisis properly, so such a situation has happened in India. The situation also worsened due to climate change. Coal could not be supplied especially due to floods. He said, “My question is that Gujarat and Goa have excess coal and Maharashtra has a shortage, why so?”

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