Coal Crisis: Coal crisis deepens in Madhya Pradesh, only 2-3 thousand MW power generation is happening in 15 thousand power plant

बिजली संकट पर राज्यों में 'हाय-तौबा': सरकार ने बताई वजह, जानें खदानों में कितना बचा है कोयला और क्यों पैदा हुआ संकट

Power crisis deepens in Madhya Pradesh.

Coal Crisis in Madhya Pradesh is also rising in Madhya Pradesh including many states of the country. The stock is decreasing in the state and power generation is getting affected due to non-availability of arrivals. If the arrival of coal from the center does not improve, then the coming days can be troubled. However, it is a matter of relief that apart from sporadic cuts in rural areas, there is no such situation anywhere in the state that there is a large-scale power cut. State Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar says that the situation as of now is not worrisome.

There are 4 government power plants in Madhya Pradesh. Amarkantak, Sarani, Sanjay Gandhi and Shringaji. On October 6 last year, 15 lakh 86 thousand tonnes of coal was in stock in the state, whereas today there is 2 lakh 23 thousand tonnes of stock. This is the reason that only 2 to 3 thousand MW of electricity is being produced in power plants with a capacity of 5,400 MW. To meet the demand of about 10 thousand MW electricity, 6.5 thousand MW power is being taken from the central and private sector. Even after the regeneration of Madhya Pradesh, 80 thousand metric tonnes of coal is required.

Buying electricity will have a huge impact on the pockets of common people

It is worth noting that this time the rains have also been very less, due to which the water level in the dams and other reservoirs of the state is also low. Private entities producing electricity are also facing shortage of coal. The state government has to spend a huge amount to buy power from other states. Overall, in the coming time, either the power crisis will increase the problems of the people or the government will buy electricity from other states, whose burden will be put on the pockets of the general public.

Demand can reach 16 thousand MW

Electricity consumption is highest in the state during Rabi season. Demand can reach 16,000 MW in the next 2 months. Right now there is a problem in supplying 10 thousand MW power, so it is obvious that supplying additional 6 thousand MW power can be very troublesome.

Demand for additional coal from the central government

Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh says that there was a demand of 10740 MW in the last 24 hours. We have tendered to buy 8 lakh metric tonnes of coal. We are giving 10 hours electricity at the pump and 24 hours electricity in the village. There are some places where our feeders are not there, there is some effect on those shops. If there is a power cut, then take information from all the sources and solve it. Singh further said that we have demanded additional coal from the central government and recently we have got additional rakes of coal.

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