Clean Energy Agenda-2030: ‘Climate change is the biggest global challenge, India is ready to deal with it’ – said Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav

स्वच्छ ऊर्जा एजेंडा-2030: 'जलवायु परिवर्तन सबसे बड़ी वैश्विक चुनौती, भारत इससे निपटने के लिए तैयार'- बोले पर्यावरण मंत्री भूपेंद्र यादव

The dialogue between India and America under the ‘Clean Energy Agenda 2030’ began in Delhi on Monday. It was attended by Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav from India and John F. Kerry, Special Envoy to the President from America.

Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav (file photo)

Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav (Bhupender Yadav) said on Monday that climate change is the biggest global challenge and India is committed to tackle it. Indo-US Environment Clean Energy Agenda 2030 (India-US Climate Clean Energy Agenda 2030) under the Climate Action and Financial Mobilization Dialogue (CAFMDYadav said that India is actively working towards tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions. The US President’s Special Envoy for Environment John F. Kerry and Environment Minister Yadav formally began the dialogue at an event in Delhi.

Bhupendra Yadav said that the partnership between India and America will strengthen efforts towards preventing environmental damage. Yadav said, “This dialogue under the Agenda-2030 partnership, which started today, will provide an opportunity to both the countries to enhance cooperation on climate change keeping in mind the financial aspects.” The minister said that India is already a global leader. The clean energy sector is an attractive place for investment.

US President’s Special Envoy John F. Kerry arrives in Delhi

John F. Kerry, the US President’s special envoy, who arrived in Delhi on Sunday for the dialogue program, said, “India’s leadership is essential for our clean energy future. I look forward to taking forward the climate-related discussions in New Delhi this week.” How the world can move rapidly with inclusive and resilient economic growth, taking into account national circumstances and sustainable development priorities.

Calling for urgent action to tackle climate change, Kerry said there is a need to act quickly to avoid disastrous consequences. “Floods, forest fires, record-breaking rains are happening everywhere and in order to control the temperature rise and avoid disastrous consequences, we should do more work in this direction,” he said. Minister Bhupendra Yadav said, “India and the US are natural partners with shared values ​​and our agenda covers all key aspects of our strategic priorities, including defence, security, energy, technology, education and health care.”

John F. Kerry praises PM Modi

Kerry said this is a good time to invest in the changing energy sector. During the program, Kerry lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for setting an ambitious target of achieving 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030 and congratulated India for producing 100 GW. Significantly, Prime Minister Modi and US President Joe Biden launched the India-US Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership at the Summit on Environment in April 2021.

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