Chanakya Niti: Women are ahead of men in these matters, know what Chanakya Niti says

बहुत डिमांडिंग होते हैं इन 3 राशियों के लोग, जिंदगी से इनकी शिकायतें कभी खत्म नहीं होतीं

Acharya Chanakya

Acharya Chanakya was a skilled strategist, ethics and economist. Chanakya was known as Vishnugupta and Kautilya. He had read many texts and Puranas at an early age. Chanakya had defeated his biggest enemy Paramanand with his cleverness and understanding and destroyed the Nanda dynasty. Chanakya has written many books and texts. Chanakya wrote his life experiences through verses in Chanakya Niti. In this book, Chanakya has mentioned all the aspects of life.

By following the things written in Chanakya Niti, life gets guidance. His sacrifice of life, brilliance. It is a symbol of perseverance, courage and effort. Acharya Chanakya had taught the children of Taxila for many years. Chanakya has written many books and texts. Often women are underestimated in terms of force than men. Acharya Chanakya has written in Chanakya Niti in which cases women are ahead of men. Let us know about those qualities of women in which they leave men behind.

1. According to Acharya Chanakya, women eat more food than men. He wrote, ‘Female Divguna diets. This means that women feel hungry twice as much as men. Because they work harder than him.

2. According to Chanakya, women are more intelligent than men. They use their intelligence in many ways better than men. Women are smarter and wiser than men. Women face every problem without fear.

3. According to Chanakya, women are eight qualities more sensual than men. Actually, there is more erotic power within women, due to which women were described as sexier than men.

4. According to Chanakya Niti, women are more courageous than men. He wrote, ‘Courage of Shadgun’. This verse means that women are six times more courageous than men. They are at the forefront of everything as compared to men.

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