Chanakya Niti: If you want to make the path of life easy, then remember these things of Acharya Chanakya

Chanakya Niti: लोगों को परखने का अनुभव नहीं है तो आचार्य की ये 4 बातें होंगी मददगार

Acharya Chanakya

There are some people who never learn anything without stumbling, while there are others who learn from the experience of experienced people and knowledge of learned people and make their strategy accordingly. The success graph of such people increases rapidly. If you also want to make the path of your life easy and move fast, then instead of falling into the pit yourself, learn to take life lessons by watching others.

In this matter, the words of Acharya Chanakya can be of great use to you. Everything written in the ethics of Acharya is the result of his experiences. If you understand the importance of those things, then you can face any situation in life very easily. Also it can make your life easier. Know the things said by Acharya which teaches you to face all the situations in life.

Special things said by Acharya Chanakya

1. Just as a calf follows its mother in a herd of thousands of cows, in the same way good and bad deeds of a person follow it. Therefore, always do that work in which everyone is good.

2. A sensible man should act like a stork with his senses and prove his work by understanding the place, time and his ability.

3. Those who are hardworking can never be poor and those who always remember God, there can be no sin from them because the mind-aware person is always fearless.

4. The strength of a king is in his mighty arms, the strength of a Brahmin is in his spiritual knowledge and the strength of a woman is in her beauty, youth and sweet speech.

5. If you want to succeed fast, then always engage in the work in which you are skilled.

6. Wealth, friends, wife and kingdom can be regained, but this body cannot be regained, so make good use of it as much as possible.

7. We should only talk to the person from whom we want to take work, which he likes. Just like a hunter sings in a melodious voice before hunting a deer.

8. The person who is very attached to his family lives in fear and misery. Attachment is the main cause of all miseries, so to be happy it is necessary to give up this attachment.

9. Along with gold, silver also looks like gold. It simply means that satsang definitely has an effect on human beings.

10. Foolish people find fault only when difficulties arise in the midst of tasks.

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