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Carrot farming: Sow carrots in this way, only 25% seed will be required

Know about the cultivation of carrots.

If you want to do carrot farming, then this is the right time for it. Its early sowing is done in August to September. But you can do this till October-November also. The crop will be ready in 100 to 110 days after sowing. Scientists of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) say that if sowing in the traditional way, it will take up to 4.0 kg of seed per acre, but if we do the same thing with the machine, then the work will be done in only 1 kg. Due to which the seed is saved and the quality of the product is also good.

According to agricultural scientists, farmers can sow carrots on the bunds in this season. Its improved varieties are Pusa Rudhira and Pusa Kesar. Before sowing the seed should be sprayed with captan @ 2g. Treat at the rate of seed per kg. Make sure to add indigenous manure, potash and phosphorus fertilizers in the field.

soil for farming

Be sure to take care of proper moisture in the soil before sowing. Carrot cultivation is good in loamy land. At the time of sowing, the soil of the field should be well drained so that the roots are well formed. It is very important to have drainage of water in the land. Initially, the field should be plowed twice with victory plow. Do this 3-4 times with desi solution. After each ploughing, make sure to put a pad, so that the soil becomes friable.

Benefits of Pusa Rudhira

The average yield of Pusa Rudhira is said to be 30 tonnes per hectare. According to the scientists of Pusa, it is rich in nutritional properties as compared to other varieties. In the test, caritonoids were 7.41 mg and phenol 45.15 mg. Found per 100 grams. The primary quality of these elements is their antioxidant properties, which protect against many types of cancer by limiting the abnormal growth of cells. In the end it would not be wrong to say that Pusa Rudhira is a boon for the farmers and consumers.

Pusa Kesar

It is an excellent red colored carrot variety. Leaves are small and roots are long. The attractive red color is narrower in the central part. The crop is ready in 90-110 days. The yield is 300-350 quintals per hectare.

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