Broccoli Farming: Opportunity to earn big money at low cost, know all the things related to it

ब्रोकली की खेती: कम लागत में मोटी कमाई का मौका, जानिए इससे जुड़ी सभी बातें

To cultivate broccoli, first prepare the seeds by putting cocopit in the tray. When four to five leaves appear in the plants, it should be planted in the field. Apart from this, it is good to plow the field.

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Time matters a lot in agriculture. Because the right time decides the future of the farmers’ crop. In which depends from the yield of the crop to its earnings. If the crop is sown at the right time that it gets favorable weather, due to which its yield is good. The quality of the crop is good, as well as the price is good in the market. Broccoli cultivation is also similar in which farmer brothers can earn good profits.

what is broccoli

The vegetable that looks like cauliflower is not very popular. It is of green colour. But people like to eat it because of its properties. It is rich in protein, calcium, carbohydrate, iron, vitamin A, C and many other nutrients. Many types of salts are also found in it, which prove to be helpful in keeping the sugar level balanced.

how to plant broccoli

A lot depends on the time of planting it in broccoli cultivation. The right time to grow it starts from the last week of September, then it can be cultivated till the whole of October. This time is most favorable for its cultivation.

In what kind of land can you do farming?

For cultivation of broccoli, the pH of the soil should be between 6 to 7 and a half. Along with this, the right temperature for applying it should be from 17 degrees to 35 degrees. In the months of September and October, the temperature remains in between this. Doesn’t go over it.

Choose the right type of seed

Seed selection is very important for broccoli cultivation. So always choose the right seed. Always use hybrid and good quality seeds. Buy seeds from Badiyaan Company. Apart from this, go to the place where broccoli is being cultivated in your area and see how the yield has been done there, and which breed of seed has been selected. Accordingly, you can choose the seed.

Preparation for Growing Broccoli

To cultivate broccoli, first prepare the seeds by putting cocopit in the tray. When four to five leaves appear in the plants, it should be planted in the field. Apart from this, the field should be well plowed. Apart from this, mix organic fertilizers like cow dung and other organic fertilizers well in the field. Because it is a crop of 70-80 days, if the fertilizer is mixed properly, it gets done well, there is no need to spend again in the middle. After this, make a three-feet wide bed in the field, leaving a two-feet drain on both sides of the bed. Then plant a plant on both sides of the bed.

disease in broccoli

Keep in mind that the plant should not be planted too deeply. Applying too much inside can cause burns inside the plants. There may be an outbreak of termites. When the plant grows, there is a complaint of drying of the leaves, then there is an outbreak of pests when the fruit comes, so insecticide should be sprayed from time to time in it.

when to harvest

As long as you can keep the crop right, then after getting a good price in the market, you can break it and sell it in the market. So always keep it handy. Keep watching the field from time to time. Earning is very good in this, it sells at least 50 rupees a kg in the market. Its yield is at least four tons in one acre. This gives good income.

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