Boiled egg or omelet for breakfast? Know which option is right for you

नाश्ते में बॉइल्ड एग या ऑमलेट? जानिए आपके लिए कौनसा वाला ऑप्शन है सही

Due to the use of oil in the omelet, its calories increase.

People who eat eggs, they often eat eggs only. Many people like to eat boiled eggs in breakfast, while many people eat omelet. If you look according to the test, then you can do whatever you want, but where it is about health, you have to take care of many things and choose accordingly. In such a situation, today we are telling about the difference between boiled egg and omelet to those people, who often consume it in breakfast.

So let us know what is the difference between omelet and boiled egg in terms of calories and how both affect the body. Understand everything related to Boiled Egg and Omelette…


Oil or butter is used to make omelet and it is only with this that the omelet is cooked. Adding oil or butter increases the calories in it. It is clear from this that because of the oil, it is a food with more calories than a boiled egg. In such a situation, according to your calorie requirement, you can see whether you should eat omelet or not. However, along with the oil in the omelet, many types of vegetables are also added, this also increases the amount of nutrients in the omelet.

But, while making omelet, it should be kept in mind that eggs should be cooked in low flame, so that their nutrients are not lost. If we talk about calories, then about 100 grams of omelet contains 154 calories.

बॉइल्ड एग्स (Boiled Eggs)

People who work out, because of being high protein, they like to eat boiled egg after workout. Also, it is very easy to make and in this you only have to boil the eggs. But, due to the absence of oil etc., in terms of calories, it does not contain even half the calories of an omelet. That’s why Boiled Egg is considered a more healthy dish. But, you should try to include vegetables along with the boiled egg so that you get plenty of nutritional elements too. Boiled egg is the perfect dish for those who want to reduce calories in their food.

Why are eggs healthy?

You know how it is healthy to eat eggs. But, now we know what happens in eggs that they are considered quite healthy. Eggs not only contain protein, but also contain many nutrients. Eggs contain protein, biotin, iron, saturated fat, vitamin B7, vitamin H, vitamin B-12, zinc, magnesium, etc. Earlier, eggs were not considered good for people with cholesterol, but now many research has revealed that cholesterol patients can also eat eggs.

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