BIHAR: Preparations were made to woo voters by feeding fish rice in Nalanda, police reached the banquet venue, chief candidate arrested

BIHAR: नालंदा में मछली भात खिलाकर वोटरों को लुभाने की थी तैयारी, भोज स्थल पर पहुंच गई पुलिस, मुखिया प्रत्याशी गिरफ्तार

Preparations were made to woo voters by feeding fish

In Bihar’s Nalanda, a head candidate had organized a fish meal to woo the voters before the nomination. After which the police arrested the chief candidate for violating the model code of conduct. Along with this, the police have also seized two and a half quintals of cooked fish.

Nalanda (Nalanda) To woo the voters in the district, the head candidate had arranged a feast of magnificent fish rice. But before the nomination of Mukhiya ji, the police got information about the banquet. After which the police have confiscated two and a half quintals of fish made for the banquet.

In fact, in Biharsharif block of Nalanda district, various types of inducements are being given to woo voters in the three-tier panchayat elections. The nomination process for the sixth phase of elections here has started from Tuesday. Here, Nisha Bharti, the head candidate of Sakraul Panchayat and the current head, had arranged a fish-meal banquet to woo the voters. Here more than two quintals of fish were cooked to feed fish and rice to more than a thousand voters.

Preparations were made to take votes by feeding fish rice

On this occasion, the news of this came to the police, after which Bihar Sharif CO and Laheri police station reached the place where the banquet was to be held and raided. The police confiscated food items including fish and rice from the banquet venue. Along with this, the police have also taken the chief candidate into custody during the raid.

In the case, CO Dharmendra Pandit told that information was received from the head candidate to make fish and rice for the banquet. It was reported that the leading candidates will go to file nominations today. After this, a feast of fish rice was arranged to feed more than 1 thousand people. Whereas organizing such a banquet before making nominations has been considered a violation of the model code of conduct. After this, we took action and confiscated the fish made close to two and a half quintals. Along with this, the chief candidate has also been taken into custody.

Let us tell you that before the Panchayat elections in Bihar, the candidates are giving various kinds of inducements to woo the voters. While the voters are being fed food, there is also talk of distributing liquor. After which the police is ready and raiding places and recovering liquor in large numbers.

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