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Bihar: CM Nitish’s big step to make land purchase and sale transparent, now the map will be filed along with the land

The Bihar government has taken an important decision on Wednesday. The government has approved the ‘Bihar Land Filing (Amendment) Bill, 2021’ in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Now after the implementation of the new provision, Bihar will now become the first state in the country to give a map with the filing rejected.

In Bihar, now the filing of the map along with the name is rejected (file photo)

To make the land purchase and sale process more transparent, the Bihar government will now get the land filed along with the name of the map. Nitish government (Nitish Goverment) After the order, now on the sale of land, not only the name of the raiyat will change, but the map of the land will also change according to the sale. In this way, along with the document, the filing of the map will also be rejected. After the implementation of the new provision, Bihar will now become the first state in the country to give a map with the filing rejected.

Now before the filing of land, the land map, revenue map will also have to be filed compulsorily. After this, the survey revenue map will be kept in digital form by the software in all the zonal offices of the state. After which any person will be able to see the map of the sold plot here digitally. On Wednesday, the Bihar Legislative Assembly has given its approval to the ‘Bihar Land Filed Reforms (Amendment) Bill, 2021’ introduced by Revenue and Land Reforms Department Minister Ramsurat Kumar.

Congress had brought amendment proposal

Revenue and Land Reforms Minister Ram Surat Kumar has described the passage of this Act by the Assembly as an important step towards ending land disputes. Now after getting approval from the governor, this act will be implemented in the whole of Bihar. Congress Legislature Party leader Ajit Sharma and RJD MLA Lalit Yadav proposed for amendment in the assembly, which was rejected.

There will be no land dispute in the new system

With the new arrangement, along with the name change in the land document, the map of the plot (spatial map) will also be in the photo, the account, khesra and acreage will also be in the photo. There will be no dispute of Chauhaddi. Only the name, account, khesra and acreage of the new buyer are recorded on the purchase of land in the filing – Khabar. If there is no mention of Chauhaddi, the possibility of controversy remains. After the new survey, the whole process of mutation will be based on ‘Textual and Spatial Data Integration of Land Records’. After this, along with the registry, the map will also be updated along with online filing-dismissal. This will benefit the people the most, who, despite buying land and getting the filing rejected, keep wandering for encroachment on the purchased land.

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