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Bihar: Case of withdrawing money from biometrics in Panchayat elections in Purnia, more than 30 people got hurt, illegal withdrawal of more than 10 lakhs

In the Panchayat elections of Bihar, the issue of illegal withdrawal from biometrics is continuously coming to the fore. Here more than 30 people have complained about illegal withdrawal from their account in the police station. So there are hundreds of people reaching the bank to complain about it.

Woman became victim of fraud in Panchayat elections!

Bihar Panchayat Election (Bihar Panchayat ElectionAfter the complaint of withdrawal of money from people’s account after putting thumb on biometrics in Munger, now the case of illegal withdrawal is also coming to the fore in Purnia. Here, a case of embezzlement of funds has come to the fore from the account of women who went to cast their vote in Panchayat Chunao on the last 29th of Rehua village wad number 8, 6 and 9 of Chopra Panchayat of Baisi block. In this regard, 30 victims have registered a case at Bayasi police station.

In this case, Purnea District Officer Rahul Kumar has talked about withdrawing money from the bank, but has denied any incident of this fraud from the election. The same bank manager has said behind the incident that the amount disappeared from the account after the finger in the biometric on the day of the election.

Now the crowd gathered to check the account

In Purnia’s Bysi, a crowd gathered in front of the bank to get a complaint about the fraudulent withdrawal of funds from his account. An amount of more than 10 lakhs has been withdrawn from the account of about 30 persons in different days, in this regard the victims said that the SSS of continuous withdrawal of money from their bank. When they started coming, they ran away to the bank and a case has been registered in the police station too.

Bank manager said illegal withdrawal

Regarding the incident, the branch manager of Canara Bank said that on November 29, the election was held in Biometrics method in Baysi, after which the amount started disappearing from the bank of the people. In this regard, District Officer Rahul Kumar said that a case of 354/21 has been registered in Bayasi police station, in which section 420/379 of IPC has been imposed. He said that even before the elections, the thumb impression was taken by the Micro Finance Company in the name of giving loans in the Bayasi area, due to which the money was withdrawn and the withdrawal took place before the elections and even after the elections. So this incident has nothing to do with the election. He said that the technical people of the district administration would be kept in the biometric system in the next two phases so that no problem of any kind would arise.

However, as a precaution, the District Officer has said to put his people in the biometric system on the day of the election, while those whose money has gone missing from the bank have also been investigated and directed to get it back to the bank. Whereas bank managers are talking of fake withdrawals using biometrics on election day behind the incident.

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