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Bihar: After Rohtas, now the bridge disappeared in Banka, thieves cut off more than half the bridge with a gas cutter

Another bridge missing in Bihar

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Once again a case of bridge theft has come to the fore in Bihar. Here in Banka, thieves took away more than half of the iron bridge built on the Kawaria path with a gas cutter.

Rohtas of Bihar (Bihar RohtasAfter the theft of an iron bridge, now a case of missing bridge has also come to light from Banka. Here in Chanan block, thieves are stealing the iron bridge by cutting it with a gas cutter. Most of this iron bridge built on the Kanwaria path of Banka has been stolen. Vicious thieves have cut about 70 percent of the bridge with the help of gas cutters. Here the police are unaware of the theft from the bridge and are saying that they have neither any information about such a bridge on Kanwaria Path nor has anyone any information about the bridge being stolen.

The length of the stolen bridge is 80 feet and the width is 15 feet. This bridge was built for the convenience of the pilgrims going from Sultanganj in Bhagalpur to Baidyanath Dham in Deoghar. Later it was abandoned after the new Kachha Kanwariya Path was built.

More than half the bridge has been stolen

After the bridge was abandoned, thieves targeted it and used gas cutters to uproot several parts of it. According to the local people, so far more than 50 percent of the bridge has been stolen. On the gradual theft of the bridge, the people around say that if the department and the police do not take concrete steps in time, then in the coming time. Like Rohtas, this bridge of Banka will also disappear completely. The villagers have expressed apprehension that thieves are stealing by cutting the bridge with the connivance of the officials of the department.

This bridge was built in 2004

In the world famous Shravani fair, Kanwaria had to deal with a lot of problems to go from Jhajha village to Pataniya Dharamshala due to the large pit like pond formed during the severe floods in 1995. Due to excessive water, there were accidents here many times. Then in view of the convenience of Kanwaria, this culvert was constructed in the form of Bailey Bridge in 2004 with the efforts of the then District Magistrate Rashid Ahmed Khan.

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Theft of 60 feet long bridge in Rohtas

Even before this, an iron bridge was stolen in Rohtas district of Bihar. Here the thieves made the iron bridge 60 feet long and weighing 500 tons missing. In this case, the police had arrested 8 people including a sub-divisional officer of the Water Resources Department. Along with this, the police had recovered a JCB, an iron chain weighing about 247 kg.

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