Big news for those who have account in SBI! Banking service will not work for so many hours in the festival season, know why and when

जिनका है SBI में खाता उनके लिए आई बड़ी खबर! फेस्टिवल सीजन में इतने घंटे तक काम नहीं करेगी बैंकिंग सर्विस, जानिए क्यों और कब

Big news for SBI customers

SBI has told on social media platform Twitter that on October 10, many services of the bank will not work for 120 minutes. The bank has said that customers will not be able to use Internet Banking, YONO, YONO Lite, YONO Business and UPI services. Experts say that all banks keep on maintaining it from time to time to improve their service. That’s why the service does not work during that time.

Why and when SBI’s banking service will not work

SBI says that it is continuously taking steps to improve the banking service. That is why there will be maintenance on October 9 from 12:20 to 02:20. On October 10 also, there will be maintenance from 23:20 pm to 1:20 pm. Banking services will not work during this time.

Which banking service will not work

SBI says that customers will not be able to use the internet bank at the time of maintenance. Also, the YONO app, YONO Lite will also not be able to be used during this time. According to the bank, the UPI service will also be completely closed.

SBI has recently taken many important steps for the customers

SBI said in a tweet, now you can do this for free on YONO through Tax2Win. For this you will need only 5 documents. Download our YONO now.”

Customers will first have to login to the SBI YONO app. Then the customer will have to select the option of “Shops and Orders”. After this the customer will see the option of “Tax and Investment”, on which he will have to click.
Here the customer has to select “Tax2Win”, after which the customer can fill the ITR.

State Bank of India i.e. SBI has for the first time offered credit score-linked home loan at only 6.70 per cent. The special thing is that you do not even have a home loan amount limit. SBI is the largest lender in India, which has helped more than 30 lakh families fulfill their dream of a home.

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