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Bengal Election 2021: PM Modi said, ‘BJP wave in Bengal, figure will cross 200’

PM Narendra Modi said that blood games will not work in Bengal. Sister will have to account for this.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File Photo)

PM Narendra Modi said that the BJP will get more than 200 seats in Bengal. Trinamool Congress is about to bloody Bengal. Blood will not play in Bengal. Torture will not be played. PM Modi said these things while addressing the gathering in Jayanagar.

PM Modi said that the work of accelerating the wave of real change is also going to be done from this region. In the peaceful and record-breaking turnout in Bengal in the first phase, people have given overwhelming support to the BJP. Until a few weeks ago, the people of Bengal were saying that the BJP will cross 200 seats this time, but the strong start that the BJP has made in the first phase, that the voice of the people has also been blessed by God. The BJP’s victory in Bengal will cross 200.

Angry is insulting Nandigram

PM Modi said, “Watch every action of Didi, everything is clearly visible. If the initial stance was found, Didi left Bhawanipur seat and reached Nandigram. Going to Nandigram, he felt that he had made a mistake by coming here. In anger, she came down on the insult of the people of Nandigram. ” PM Modi said that today in the second phase too, a large number of people are reaching the polling booth. There is BJP and BJP everywhere. There is a wave of BJP. He said that till now the record of polling is coming, which was to be done for the whole of Bengal. He is doing Nandigram.

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Didi gets angry even when she goes to Bangladesh

PM Modi said that you have to insult me. Make one profanity of abuses, but I urge you not to insult the Constitution of the country. Do not insult the spirit of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. I wonder what has happened to Sister. A few days ago I went to Bangladesh. There I saw one in 51 Shaktipeeth, but when I asked for blessings from Didi Thakur, then Didi’s anger reached the sky. Is worship of mother Kali wrong? Is it wrong to bow down to Harijan Thakur?

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